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Willard 'Hammer' Harrison

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Hammer Harrison is a proficient boxer, and wears a pair of diamond-hard steel hammers over his hands to pound his opponents.

Hammer Harrison joined Snake Marston as the top two lieutenants for Baron Brimstone as he sought to control the underworld of New York. He and Marston were present with Baron Brimstone as he confronted local gang members and announced that they would now be his servants, the Satan Squad. When some of the criminals resisted Brimstone's leadership bid, he had Hammer and Snake demonstrate their abilities by striking down a couple of them. Brimstone then vanished with Hammer and Snake.

Later, at Brimstone's penthouse apartment, Hammer and Snake listened to Brimstone's plans for a crime wave. Privately, Hammer considered Snake to be a creep, and Baron Brimstone to be a "cornball," but he remained loyal to Brimstone's dollar, and participated in a series of crimes with the Satan Squad. When Satan Squad member Duke Dawson tried to rat out Brimstone to Pamela Quinn of Delmar Insurance, Snake and Hammer confronted them, and Hammer knocked Pamela out with a tap to the chin. They turned Pamela over to Baron Brimstone.

Later, Hammer and Snake led the Satan Squad in an attempt to steal the golden bell of the cathedral St. Gabriela of the Highlands, only to be confronted by Machine Man. Hammer went toe-to-toe with Machine Man, but lost when the robot grabbed a chimney and dropped it around Hammer, immobilizing him. Machine Man went on to defeat Baron Brimstone.

Hammer and Snake were recruited into the Enforcers by the Arranger, the Kingpin's top man. The original Enforcers were initially hesitant to accept them, but they proved their abilities in a brief scuffle with the others, and then they were formally welcomed by Fancy Dan, Montana and Ox. The Arranger charged the Enforcers with the task of maintaining the Kingpin's extortion rackets, and the team made good on that in the days that followed, threatening and beating store owners and burning down property. When one of their targets was candy store owner Roberto Cassada, they provoked the ire of the Sandman, who was renting a room from Cassada's family. The Enforcers happened to run into Spider-Man, and managed to defeat him with their superior numbers. They chained him up and brought him to their hideout so that he could be turned over to the Kingpin, but Sandman came to Spider-Man's rescue. Hammer was knocked out by Spider-Man.

Mr. Hyde approached the Enforcers to hire them for a job that would move into the Eel's turf. The Enforcers refused him, and he threatened retaliation.

While investigating the murder of Mr. Hyde's friend Angela Parrish, Daredevil's search took him to a warehouse where the Enforcers were operating. Incorrectly believing the Cobra to be the murderer he sought, Daredevil fought Hammer and the other Enforcers, but was surprised when "Snake Marston" revealed himself to be the Eel in disguise and jolted him unconscious.

Hammer and the other Enforcers beat on Daredevil while the Eel explained that he had impersonated Snake so that he could join their team. Daredevil provoked the Eel into admitting that he had no regard for the Enforcers and had enjoyed duping them, leading Hammer and the others to turn on him. The Eel jolted Hammer unconscious, and he was later apprehended by Misty Knight and turned over to the authorities.


First Appearance: Machine Man (1978) #16

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Issue Appearances:
Daredevil (1964)
Machine Man (1978)
Marvel Team-Up (1972)
The Amazing Spider-Man (2014)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)

Group Affiliation(s):
Enforcers (Marvel)
Satan Squad

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