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Zgreb the Sorrower
Real Name: Zgreb
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Zgreb came to Earth in One Million B.C. in search of another Celestial, Progenitor, who had fallen to Earth and died billions of years previously after becoming infected by the Horde (a swarm of cosmic locusts).

According to Loki, he believed Zgreb and Progenitor to have been lovers, although there are no words in Celestial language to describe such things. Zgreb found the dead body of Progenitor, which in the many years since its death, had become absolutely and completely overrun with the Horde. Zgreb was quickly infected with the Horde as well, but unlike Progenitor, who had died from the infection, Zgreb instead went mad. The Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. led by Odin battled the space god and actually defeated it, burying it deep underground in what was to become South Africa.

Two missing Celestials soon brought an entire host of Celestials to Earth, the First Host, who laid to waste the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. (all save Odin) and left everything else as it was. Zgreb rotting underground, infected with the Horde, and Progenitor's body untouched where it had died. Loki theorized that the Celestials realized the danger of the Horde and decided to leave it on Earth, far away from them, keeping them out of danger of possibly the only thing capable of killing a Celestial.

Also according to Loki, the Horde had learned from having first infected Progenitor. Instead of killing Zgreb, they altered the Celestial, turning it from Zgreb the Aspirant to Zgreb the Sorrower, the first of the Dark Celestials. Loki found the Celestial underground and set it free, where it was able to bring forth the Final Host of Celestials, the Dark Celestials. Together with it's other Horde infected allies, Zgreb was able to infect and down the entire race of Celestials, bringing them to Earth as they lay dying.

This act sparked the creation of a new team of Avengers, whom with the help of knowledge passed to them from the Eternals, were able to repel the Horde from all the Celestials and together defeat Zgreb and it's fellow Dark Celestials.

The character of Zgreb the Sorrower was not named in it's first appearances and was simply referred to as "The Fallen" or "The Fallen Celestial". It's full and proper name was revealed in Avengers (2018) #5 by Loki as Zgreb the Aspirant, but after having become infected by the Horde and being altered into a Dark Celestial, it's name stands now as Zgreb the Sorrower.

First Appearance: Marvel Legacy (2017) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Avengers (2018)
Free Comic Book Day 2018 (Avengers/Captain America) (2018)
Marvel Legacy (2017)

Group Affiliation(s):
Celestials (Marvel)
Dark Celestials

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