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Real Name: Unrevealed
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The Berserker possesses vast superhuman strength, durability, etc., the extent of which is unknown, but he could stand his ground against Wonder Man even without engaging any of his numerous weapons. He was immortal, and possessed of an insane, savage, unquenchable fury. He is a master of many forms of armed and unarmed combat.

The Berserker also possessed numerous weapons of extra-terrestrial weapons. He rode a chariot pulled by flying mechanical horses. This chariot emitted a fiery exhaust which could suffocate those trapped within it. His Cerellian Power-Sword could release a stream of energy that could cleave through most substances, extending over a range of over one hundred yards. He could use it to carve gaping holes into the Earth to trap his attackers. His shield emitted an aura which could turn virtually any metal to dust before it could contact him; this included Iron Man's armor and Jocasta's titanium steel frame. The shield also generated a powerful traction force to draw metal towards it. He used a spear which could be thrown to fell a jet-fighter at full flight speed. His body armor was built by the tyrants of Aturak IV and could withstand a proton cannon. He had a dagger from the Arkossian system, which embedded itself in energy sources. This proved capable of stabbing an intangible Vision II. His gauntlets sap the strength of anyone who engages him in hand-to-hand combat.

His power was sufficient to overcome an entire contingent of Avengers or a military atttack including tanks and jet fighters within a few minutes.

Untold millennia ago, the sole survivor of a war party fled his enemies, taking refuge in the Cave of the Glowing Walls, from which no others had left alive. Though felled by the unearthly green light, he crawled to safety, reviving hours later filled with power and fury. After single-handedly slaying the enemy tribe, followed by millennia of mindless slaughter, the Berserker-so named for his warrior madness-was hired by a Sumerian nobleman to murder his city's ruler. Intrigued by killing with a purpose, the man accepted and finally gained his life's direction. He wandered the world, selling his skills to the highest bidder, becoming the power that fashioned the Pharaohs' dynasties and the conquests of Alexander the Great. His reputation drew off-world attention, and after overcoming his initial superstitious fear he found that he equally enjoyed killing aliens; the destinies of entire planetary systems were decided by who hired him first. His payments included fantastic custom-crafted weapons, and he soon became the galaxy's supreme warrior. Returning to Earth, he joined the Roman legions, attracting the attention of the Earth Lords, a secret society who had withdrawn from humanity before recorded history, and who had mastered the forces of nature. Realizing the Berserker-backed Rome might conquer Earth, the Earth Lords arranged Mount Vesuvius 79 A.D. eruption when the Berserker was on its slopes. Having miscalculated their power, the Earth Lords were horrified by the resultant destruction of Pompeii and other cities. They forsook their powers, dispersing their society to perish naturally. Learning that the Berserker was merely trapped in the hardened lava, the Lords chose a member to await his return. They projected their city into a shadow world, where the man waited as the Shadow Lord.

In recent years, archeologists unearthed the Berserker, and the Shadow Lord's city returned to Earth. The Shadow Lord unwittingly provoked battle with the Avengers after driving off the military, and the Avengers learned his power was contained within his city and destroyed it. Dying, the Shadow-Lord passed his necklace on to journalist Rachel Palmer.

The revived Berserker easily overcame all opposition, twice defeating the assembled Avengers, and took Palmer prisoner as he plotted worldwide slaughter. Ultimately, Wonder Man realized the necklace’s purpose and interlocked its pieces at dusk, banishing the Berserker to the now-empty shadow world.


First Appearance: The Avengers (1963) #207

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
The Avengers (1963)

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