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Galaxy Master
Real Name:
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The Galaxy Master is able to survive in virtually any environment, from the vacuum of outer space to the depths of the ocean. It survives by drawing energy from its victims. It can manipulate and release most forms of energy in the form of blasts, radiating waves, or force fields. It can project solid matter, such as meteor-like rocks. In addition, it can transform itself into virtually any form it can imagine, for solitary giants to a multitude of small insect-like creatures. Its primary weakness was attack from within its form, which generally occurred when its energy levels dropped so low that it could not prevent an attacker from entering.

The Galaxy Master was created in a distant galaxy, by an unnamed extra-terrestrial race, an undisclosed time ago (Incredible Hulk II #112). His creators were described as creatures of evil, and he was the most evil of them all, turning against his fellow brethren and destroying them all. As his first instinct was self-preservation, he dedided to roam the cosmos, destroying every world he found to ensure that none would exist to potentially rival or destroy him.

Upon encountering the Sagittarian race, the Galaxy Master spared them when they vowed to help him in his quest for the destruction of all planetary life. To this end, the Sagittarians used their machines to destroy entire planets, while at the same time sending natives of other worlds to him periodically to feed him.

On Earth, the Sagittarians placed the Planet-Destroyer in the Savage Land, and sent the robot Umbu the Unliving to guard it (Incredible Hulk II #109). When these were destroyed by the efforts of Bruce Banner (the Hulk), the Sagittarians captured him for further study.

Thinking him powerless, the Sagittarians attempted to slay him for thwarting their plans, only to find themselves powerless against the Hulk. The Galaxy Master himself appeared and battled the Hulk, finding itself a worthy adversary for the first time in its existance. Ultimately, it overpowered him with a gas that knocked him unconscious. When the leader of the Sagittarians, Princess Daydra, organized a rebellion to assist the Hulk, the Warlord had Galaxy Master informed to prepare itself for their attack. Easily overcoming the rebellion, the Galaxy Master ensnared Daydra herself in a tractor beam planning to feed on her. However, the Hulk revived, lept into the tractor beam, found himself inside the Galaxy Master where he destroyed a central computer-like brain and seemingly the Galaxy Master himself.

Years later, the Galaxy Master reformed itself through unknown means (Incredible Hulk II #270). It found the inert form of the Abomination in space and made him its' servant. The Galaxy Master doubled the Abomination's power and sent him, as the Ravager of Worlds, to wipe out all possible oppositon before appearing and consuming the planet for himself.

Unable to stop either the Ravager or the Galaxy Master, Daydra organized the Hulk or Horror-Hunters, a group of powerful warriors sent to Earth to bring the Hulk to their world to stop the Ravager and Galaxy Master. These agents, Amphibion, Dark-Crawler and Torgo - along with Daydra herself accomplished their mission. The Hulk, although initially overpowered by the enhanced Abomination, got mad enough and strong enough to smash him. He then confronted the Galaxy Master and destroyed him from the inside again.


First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk (1968) #111

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Issue Appearances:
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk 2004 (2004)
The Incredible Hulk (1968)

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