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Power Boy (03)
Real Name:
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As an abused, orphaned child, he was taken from the slums of Ameghetto. Due to his secret power to absorb the powers of others via blood transfusion. Against his will Darkseid genetically enhanced Powerboy with the DNA of other super beings with powers on par with Power Girl. Having similar Earth-Two Kryptonian levels of super-strength, super-speed, super-breath, flight, and levitation. And most likely other similar powers to his female analogue Power Girl they never had time to reveal in his few appearances. But was implied, such as in Supergirl #13, being able to out fly Supergirl from outer space without knowing where on Earth she was going and beating her to the Hollywood Sign in Hollywood, CA would have required the power to turn into light or teleportation abilities. Likewise, finding Supergirl in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to save her and Outsider Grace's lives would have required super-vision and possibly super-hearing in Supergirl #11.

In Supergirl #15, he was also revealed to be an Empath, with the ability to "feel everyone's love, pain, hate..." and explained his energy manipulation powers. Such as his ability to create red energy constructs, force fields, and a giant energy hand.

He possesses an Apokoliptian device called the Father Box, which grants him numerous other powers, such as energy manipulation, matter manipulation, sustaining his life after fatal wounds and healing him from all injuries. And giving him the ability to teleport anywhere he wanted, including to other universes, or possibly the ability to time travel as well.

* New God Physiology: The beings of Apokolips call themselves gods and lived outside of normal time and space in a realm called the Fourth World. These New Gods evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeval energy, believed to be the ultimate foundation of the Universal Expression of Energy or God. Along with their superior advanced alien technology they evolved into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. New Gods are immortal, stronger, faster, and far more intelligent than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same.

* Super Strength/Berserker Strength: As a New God enhanced by Darkseid with various super-powers, Powerboy possesses vast superhuman strength, putting him in the same league as Kryptonians like Power Girl and Supergirl. When he loses control of his emotions, his strength is increased to beserker levels.

* Flight & Levitation: Powerboy can fly due to his energy manipulation powers, primarily the manipulation of gravitons (a subatomic particle associated with the force of gravity) and control of his absolute molecular movement. Note he can also turn into a beam of red energy enabling the ability to travel at light speed, which allowed him to beat Supergirl in a race from Space to the Hollywood Sign, in Hollywood California (Supergirl vol 5 #13 - 2007).

* Super Speed & Reflexes: Powerboy has the ability to think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. He demonstrated this power in Supergirl vol 5 #11, when he took out a ship full of meta-human shark people at faster than blink-of-eye superspeed.

* Super Stamina: As a New God, Powerboy possesses highly efficient musculature which produces almost no fatigue toxins, granting him almost limitless stamina in all physical activities.

* Super Senses: Powerboy possesses enhanced senses of super sight, super smell, super taste, super touch, and super hearing. Supergirl vol 5 #13, he was patrolling down by Cape Horn, South Africa when he saw that Supergirl and Grace needed help hundreds of miles away in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Note they was inside a ship at the time, so seeing and hearing them would require x-ray vision and super-hearing.

* Danger Sense: Besides having a danger sense from his telepathic connection to Father Box. Empathy also provides him with the ability to sense when someone in a nearby area is in danger or needs help. Such as feeling when someone is scared or frightened, he would pick up the vibes and know he's needed.

* Divine Powers: As a New God, he has godly powers beyond those of aliens and super-beings. And with the added powers of his Father Box, he pretty much has the power to do anything, even alter reality and time itself.

* Enhanced Mental Perception: Being a New God, and part of one of the most advanced alien races in the Multiverse. Apokoliptians are millions of years more advanced than Earth humans, with technology and genetic breakthroughs so wonderous, it appears like magic to more primitive worlds such as Earth. He possesses the ability to sense & comprehend things on levels that far exceed human capabilities.

* Super Durability & Limited Invulnerability: Being a New God enhanced by Darkseid with various powers, Powerboy seems to possess high-invulnerability & durability, being capable of withstanding tremendous impact forces. He was shown punching through robots on the cover of Supergirl vol 5 #13. In the same issue he had a wooden staff driven through his head, which would kill the average human, but was shown to be okay moments later. In Supergirl vol 5 #15, his hand was set on fire by Supergirl's heat vision; He was punched threw a wall with enough force to kill any lesser being; and had an airplane hanger with tons of rock dropped on his head. Yet was shown to have recovered without a scratch in his next appearance; In Teen Titans East Special #1, he was punched by Hawk several hundred feet into a nearby woods, which would kill any normal person who wasn't invulnerable; In Supergirl vol 5 #13 & #15, he was shown with the ability to survive exposure to lethal temperatures and pressure extremes in space (seen flying in Earth's orbit and surviving in outer space without a space-suit). He is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space unaided. And given the extremes in temperature in outer space, and the deadly radiation in space, clearly he demonstrated immunity to radiation and extremes of temperatures.

* Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his nigh invulnerability to injury. Via magical attacks, Radion poisoning, or him just letting his guard down, it is possible to injure Powerboy. Such as in Supergirl vol 5 #13, when Japanese villain Gakidou ghosted her large wooden staff through the head of Powerboy, apparently killing him, and left his lifeless body hanging on the Hollywood Sign. However moments later he is shown alive and unharmed. Unexplainably Supergirl was able to burn his hand to the bone, yet again moments later his hand is shown completely healed. Lagoon Boy surprisingly was able to cause several puncture wounds on his arm, but yet again his arm was instantly healed only moments later. It was never explained if he has the inherent power to heal himself, or if he was healed by his Father Box. Yet either way he has a regenerative healing factor that restores him to full health when harmed or killed. So if injured or killed, either via his own power or the power of advanced Apokoliptian technology, his body is capable of being restored to life and able to quickly repair damaged tissue with much greater speed and efficiency on a superhuman level.

* Immortality/Longevity: As a New God, he possesses longevity that enables him to age vastly slower than human beings. Thus the teenage Powerboy is functionally immortal, although he won't cease aging physically until he gets around the age of 30. Unless Powerboy falls in battle, he is immune to the ravages of time, and could easily live for thousands and thousands of years. And even if killed can be restored to life via his Father Box. Also like all New Gods he can possess the body of other beings until he is restored to a New God body by either Father Box, Darkseid, and/or The Source.

* Energy Generation/Energy Sourcing: As seen in Supergirl vol 5 #11, #13, #14, & #15, Powerboy has the ability to absorb, generate, control, and emit blasts of charged energy from his hands and body. Can use the energy to fly and create destructive bursts of coherent radiation. Capable of manipulating energy externally to create solid light constructs, as well as render himself invisible. Capable of converting his body completely into light energy. No physical harm can come to him in this form, and if harmed in his physical form, may be able to instantly heal himself by transforming into his godly energy form, then back into a non-damaged physical form. In light energy form, he can travel at the speed of light and cross space unassisted.

* Energy Based Constructs: As seen in Supergirl vol 5 #13, #14 & #15, when channeling his empathic powers, he can create Green Lantern like energy construsts, only not green, instead various other colors of the emotional spectrum, including a giant red hand, and a rainbow colored force field.

* Empathy: As seen in Supergirl: Identity, he is an Empath with the ability to read and sense the emotions of others, and absorb energy from those emotions to make solid energy constructs and force fields.

* Energy Shield: As seen in Supergirl vol 5 #13 & #15, he has a protective energy shield, which allowed him to survive in space without a space suit.

* Force Field: As seen in Supergirl vol 5 #13, #14, & #15, he channeled his empathic powers to create a force field. In Supergirl #13, he used his force field to protect two boys during a hurricane in Mexico.

* New God Inventive: He has a very creative mind. In Supergirl vol 5 #14, Powerboy demonstrated his inventive spirit by creating a high-tech device that could print out copies of images from his memory, ie a Memory Photo Copy Machine.

* Omni-lingual: Father Box lets Powerboy translate and understand any language in the multiverse.

* Cosmic Awareness: Being a New god he has cosmic awareness. PB broke the fourth wall, when in Supergirl #13, he said, "Is this the part of the story where we trade origin stories." Father Box was called the All-Knowing Father Box by Grant Morrison. Also since Powerboy has a Father Box, he would have cosmic awareness via it as well.

* Ice Breath/Super Breath/Wind Bursts: As seen in Supergirl vol 5 #13. The Teen of Power can use his super breath to create a wind burst of hurricane force. As demonstrated, when he jokingly offered to put back a hurricane in Mexico. Then sucked a great deal of air into his lungs.

* Sonic Clap/Sonic Scream: As seen in Titans East Special #1. The Boy of Power can move his hands at super speed to create a sonic boom clap. And likely would have the ability to do a sonic scream like Supergirl and others.

* Technopathy: As seen in Supergirl vol. 5 #14 & #15, Powerboy communicated telepathically via Father Box.

* Teleportation: He can teleport himself and others from one place to another due to either Father Box, or his own powers.

* Innocence: The orphan boy has a loving soul combined with a very childlike way of viewing the world. He loves animals and nature. And see's the goodness in all things, even when they don't see it themself.
* Youth: He is only a 15 year old teenager, so makes mistakes. Being from another world, he knows little about how to fit in with humans, so is very much a misunderstood outsider.
* Attractiveness: His attractiveness causes many to not take him seriously as a hero. So despite being a very intelligent New God from one of the most advance worlds in the Multiverse. His youth and good looks cause some biased, intolerant, and judemental types to negatively stereotype the Teen of Power as just a dumb, shallow, muscle-bound pretty boy.
* Lack of Connections: Unlike many heroes, he does not have the family connections. He has no parent, guardian, or mentor to guide or protect him like other teens. He is an orphan without any adult supervision or help, which resulted in him suffering child abuse, neglect, and being murdered.
* Orphan/Lack of friends and family: The boy is an abused child and abandoned orphan. He has child abandonment issues. Not having any family, and few friends left the underage boy a misunderstood, rejected, unloved, child abuse/murder victim.
* Prejudice towards New Gods from Apokolips: Despite having a kind and compassionate soul. Who was selfless and heroic. Despite all the acts of heroism and lives he saved in his short time on Earth. The bad reputation of other New Gods from Apokolips caused some to judge him badly and to assume the worst.
* Empathic overload: Absorbing negative emotions from others can overwhelm the young teenager. It can result in him temporarily losing control of Empath powers. Supergirl's Kryptonite Poisoning along with Dark Angel manipulating his and Kara's emotions (via his Father Box) caused the fight and break up with Kara, as seen in Supergirl vol 5 #15.
* Demonic Possession/Mind Control: The boy's empathic nature and telepathic link to Father Box makes him very vulnerable to mind control or possession. As was the case in Supergirl vol 5 #15 when Dark Angel took control of his Father Box and used it to manipulate his and Kara's emotions, resulting in a super fight and breakup. In Titans East Special #1, he was unfortunate enough to be possessed by one of Trigon's Seven Deadly Sin Demons, resulting in a sin-demon induced one night stand with fellow teammate Holly Granger. And resulted in his gruesome murder, being left badly burned and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch.
* Radion: New Gods are vulnerable to a substance called Radion. It's source is unknown and its effects are toxic only in sustained amounts or after explosive exposure.

Alias: John Doe (would have to be canon name on death certificate, since he didn't have a known real name other than the codename Powerboy.)

Father: Unknown. Could be Darkseid, Jimmy Olsen, Mister Miracle, Raker Qarrigat, The Phantom Stranger, Superman, Superboy, or Adam the Green Lantern of Space Sector 1055.

Mother: Unknown Female Fury; Could be Big Barda, Lashina, Kraken, or Knockout; During a secret mission on Earth, one of Darkseid's agents seduced an Earth hero. Upon returning to Apokolips, discovering she was pregnant, abandoned the baby with a Lowly family in the slums of Armagetto. She planned on returning for her child, but having betrayed Darkseid, was unable to ever do so. Darkseid later found the child in the slums and made him Powerboy.

Possible Sister: Little Barda; Being related would explain why he took her with him, when escaping Apokolips. Why they joined and left the Teen Titans together. Why they joined Teen Titans East team together. And why they acted like brother and sister around each other.

Nicknames: Powerboy, Power Boy, Powerlad, Power Hunk, Power Stud, Peeb, Pretty Boy, PB, Boy of Power, Teen of Power, Powerhouse, Champ, Newbie, Hero of Tomorrow, Hugging Hero, Superboy of Apokolips, Apokoliptian Adonis, Awesome Boy, Dial H For Hero, Dial P For Power, Kid Gallant, Teen Power, Handsome Stranger, The Natural, Maximum Lad, Natureboy, Wonderboy, Pure Heart, Pretty Cool, Last Son of Apokolips, World's Strongest Boy, Prince of Power, Lone Warrior, Rising Star, Starpower, Stallion, Super Stud, Boy of Bronze, Bestboy, Benchmark, Bluechip, Blueprint, Flagship, Gold Standard, Linchpin, Measuring Stick, Teen Stranger, Mystery Boy, Unknown Hero

Age: Teenager (15 year old child abuse/murder victim.)

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 220 lbs

Eyes: Blue (They turn red when he loses control of emotions. Pink when he feels loved.)

Hair: Black with blond streaks (Note: As seen in Supergirl Identity Trade Paperback and Teen Titans East Special #1, has the strange power of Unconscious Hair Color Manipulation. Other than a permanent blond streak, the rest of hair appears to change colors from one panel to another, depending on his emotional mood. Mainly fluctuating between brown, purple, brunette, but always returns to it's natural black color with a Power Girl like blond streak. And oddly sometimes when under great stress shows a white streak like the Phantom Stranger, and a red patch of hair like the Psycho Pirate.)

Blood Type: AB+ (Universal blood recipient type). May gain additional powers via blood transfusions from those with super-powers.

Species: New God from Apokolips

Place of Birth/Homeworld: Shown as a child on Apokolips

Alignment: Good

Citizenship: New Gods

First appearance: Teen Titans vol 3 #38, off-panel introduction, picture appeared along with other Missing Year Teen Titans. (Cover Date Sept. 2006); First on-panel appearance. 52 Week 21 (Cover Date Sept 27th 2006)

Last appearance: Titans #1 (June 2008). Powerboy was shown to be a teenage murder victim on New Earth. After a deadly ambush in Teen Titans East Special #1 (January 2008) by Raven's evil demonic half-brothers, the Sons of Trigon. He was shown being burned over half his body and left impaled threw the chest by a long tree branch. Being a New God, he is assumed to have been killed by the New God Killer Infinity-Man.Yet Final Crisis #7, revealed that all New Gods except for Darkseid and Orion were reborn in the Earth-51 Universe. A child version likewise appears in the Johnny DC series Tiny Titans.

Accomplishments: Powerboy survived a childhood of abuse, neglect, & torture. Powerboy helped Little Barda escape from Apokolips. Powerboy & Little Barda were the first male & female teen New Gods to be Superheroes on Earth-0 (52 Week 21); Powerboy & Little Barda are the first and only New Gods to be members of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, & Tiny Titans (52 Week 21, Teen Titans East Special #1, & Tiny Titans Vol 1 #6); Powerboy has a high tech Apokoliptian device called Father Box, which is similar to a Mother Box in function and use. PB and Klarion the Witch Boy are the only two teen heroes to ever possess a Father Box; Powerboy saved the life of Supergirl Kara Zor-El of Earth-0. (He saved Kara's life twice on panel in Supergirl vol 5 #11. Saved her from being killed by a meta-human Shark lady, & again by getting her to STAR Labs in New York; Said he saved her 3 more times in 3 weeks, as mentioned in Supergirl vol 5 #14); Saved the life of Outsider Grace Choi of New Earth (Supergirl vol 5 #11); Boy of Power and Girl of Steel saved the lives of hundreds of men, women, and children during a Hurricane in Mexico (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Gave stray cat later named Streaky to Supergirl. (Supergirl vol 5 #13; Note before then Streaky was a nameless stray, too wild to be tamed. Powerboy's empathy calmed the fear of humans in Streak allowing the cat to become domesticated); Powerboy and Supergirl saved the world from a meteor (Supergirl vol 5 #13); He defeated Supergirl in a race from space to the Hollywood Sign (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Became the first teenage boyfriend of Supergirl Kara Zor-El of Earth-0 (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Teen of Power and Supergirl defeated the DNAngels and Gearhead to stop them from killing Supergirl (Supergirl vol 5 #14); He saved the lives of Cassandra Cain and Owen Mercer aka Captain Boomerang II by getting them to the hospital before they bleed to death. (Off panel between Supergirl vol 5 #14 & 15); He spent months successfully protecting Supergirl from all the murder attempts by Cass Cain, the League of Assassins, & Dark Angel (Supergirl vol 5 #11, #13, #14).

On Panel Deaths, and Resurrections: At the age of 15, when trying to help protect Supergirl. He was killed by Gakidou at the Hollywood Sign. He was restored to life moments later by his Father Box. Supergirl vol 5 #13; Age 15, he was killed by either Sons of Trigon or Infinity-Man on Titans Liberty Island, New Jersey. Teen Titans East Special #1/Titans #1 (June 2008); Likely reborn along with all other New Gods in the Earth-51 Universe, as revealed in Final Crisis #7.

Languages: Apokoliptian, English, & Spanish (as seen in Supergirl vol 5 #13). Note his Father Box is a Universal Translator enabling him to speak & understand any language in the Multiverse.

Universe: formerly the Fourth World; New Earth aka Earth-0; Earth-51.
Base Of Operations: formerly Apokolips; Titans Tower, San Francisco; Titans Liberty Island, New Jersey.

Relationships: Unknown Father, Unknown Mother, Little Barda (Sister/Best Friend, Apokolips), Supergirl (1st and only girlfriend; Kara Zor-El of Earth-0), Holly Granger (3rd Hawk; Sin demon induced one night-stand; Teen Titans East team mate), Cassie Sandsmark (2nd Wonder Girl; Good friend, New Earth)

Pet: Pug dog named Kirby (Name is homage to Jack Kirby, creator of the Fourth World New Gods.)

Detailed History

This is the third version of a superhero named Power Boy to appear in the DC Comics Universe. He and Little Barda was the first and only teenage New Gods to be superheroes on New Earth aka Earth-0. And the first and only teen New Gods to ever be members of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, and Tiny Titans.

However unlike the previous two Power Boy's, the third Powerboy is based on Power Girl. He was created as a teenage male version of her. Also having anger management issues like Power Girl; only his being fueled by his empathic powers to channel rage and hate; while her violent outbursts was caused by drinking too much diet cola. And where Power Girl has a cat, he has a pug dog named Kirby.

Powerboy (now only one word like Superboy) makes his first appearance in 52: Week 21, and the same month his picture and name appears on a list of new Teen Titans, in Teen Titans vol. 3 #38, in September 2006. Power Boy III or Powerboy, was created by Geoff Johns (writer), and Tony Daniel (artist). Ian Churchill is credited with changing the design of the character, giving him a new version of a Power Girl like costume that includes a larger chest window and medallion.

He is a child abused boy raised on the hellish Apokolips. The teenage New God has affiliations with the Teen Titans, Little Barda, and Supergirl. It was on Apokolips that he first saw the captured Supergirl being held by Darkseid. He instantly feel in love with the Girl of Steel, and was inspired to become a hero because of her.

In terms of super powers, the full extent of his powers were never revealed, but at the minimum he displayed Supergirl levels of Superhuman strength, super-speed, super-breath, invulnerability, flight, levitation, and sonic boom clap. And empathic powers, along with energy manipulation powers, and the ability to survive/talk in space without oxygen or a space suit. All of which were demonstrated in his appearances. Not to mention what other powers or abilities his Father Box could provide, such as teleportation and opening a boom tube to travel between Earth and his homeworld Apokolips. Or to travel to other universes, or other time periods if so desired.

Powerboy was shown to be a fifteen year old superhero. His true name or age was never revealed. It wasn't revealed if Darkseid only manipulated his DNA to give him powers, and not whether he also accelerated his age; he appeared to be around the age of 15, when he first came to Earth in 2006.

For a short time he was a member of the Teen Titans, along with his only friend Little Barda, during the one year gap after the Infinite Crisis. He also assisted Supergirl of New Earth on several occasions.

This Powerboy made his first full appearance in 52: Week 21. Powerboy refers to Darkseid ("By Darkseid's testicles!") and uses a Father Box, both of which references to Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" characters. At the end of 52 Week 21 the Boy of Power and Little Barda quit the Teen Titans saying they wasn't what they used to be. They used his Father Box to teleport away to parts unknown.

In December of 2006, Powerboy came to the rescue of Supergirl Kara Zor-El of New Earth at the end of Supergirl #11. He saves Supergirl and Outsider Grace's lives and takes them to S.T.A.R. Labs in New York, to recover from their injuries. Had he not showed up when he did, Supergirl and Grace would have died. Kara is given extensive yellow sun treatment to save her life and help her recover at an accelerated rate.

In Supergirl #13 he again appears outside the treatment room where Supergirl had been recovering from her near-fatal wounds at S.T.A.R. Labs. He introduces himself as the boy that saved her life, and invites Supergirl to go on a routine patrol. When asked what his name is by Supergirl, he replied "Call me Powerboy. No relation." Implying that he isn't related to Power Girl, despite his codename, similar physical powers, the blonde streak in his hair, and wearing a male version of her costume.

While on patrol, he takes Supergirl to Mexico, where they save hundreds of men, women, and children's lives during a Hurricane. Despite doing such a good deed, they are criticized and threated by government soldiers who say Meta-humans have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of Mexico. Powerboy joking asks if he needed a note from the Justice League. And when told to leave Mexico airspace in three seconds or be considered terrorists, he apologizes for saving hundreds of lives, and offers to put the Hurricane back, sucking a great deal of air into his mouth, and causing the General to change his mind. Supergirl is just watching and finding the whole situation quite entertaining.

Later in Supergirl #13, after saving the world from a meteor, they have a first date in the outer orbit of Earth watching the now harmless meteor shower. Powerboy offers to share his origin story, but Supergirl wants to talk about less important things. Then she mentions beating Superman in a race to see who's faster. She decides to have a friendly race with him, and calls him a Newbie, but then realizes that he beat her to the Hollywood Sign in Hollywood, California. He either teleported to beat her, or turned into light to out fly her, due to her not being able to fly at light speed in Earth's atmosphere. He teases her that Superman must have let her win. She says he can call her Kara. As they sit on top of the Hollywood Sign, their romantic date was cut short, when both Powerboy and Supergirl are attacked from behind by Japanese super-villains Gakidou and Sakki the Hate Furnace; whom had been hired by the League of Assassians to kill Supergirl for Dark Angel; Dark Angel is an agent of a Monitor that wanted to eliminate all anomalies from the new DC Universe.

Gakidou offers Powerboy the opportunity to walk away unharmed, but loving Kara he choose to stay and help Supergirl fight for her life. While Supergirl was off fighting Sakki, Gakidou got the upper hand on Powerboy, and using her ghosting powers, ghosted her staff through the back of Powerboy's head and out the front of his mouth. Apparently killing him, and leaving his lifeless body hanging on the bottom section of the L's of the Hollywood Sign.

However moments later, after Supergirl had defeated both her attempted murderers. She returns to the Hollywood Sign to find Powerboy in the shadows apparently hurt, with his eyes red and looking all dark, but when coming from the shadows appears to be completely unharmed, and says other than needing to calm his emotions down, he was okay. He had secretly been restored to life by his Father Box.

Powerboy finds a stray cat and uses his empathic powers to calm the fear of humans in the animal, allowing it to become domesticated. The cat is later named Streaky.

Despite being killed on his first date, they have more dates. Powerboy becomes Supergirl's first boyfriend. They spend more and more time together. Usually fighting off attacks from the League of Assassins, such as the DNAngels with Gearhead. Or spending time at her Apartment with Kara's female cat Streaky, which uncharacteristically loves Powerboy and lets him hug her.

In Supergirl #14, he is shown being extremely worried about Kara's well being after all the recent attempts on her life. And so being over-protective of the first girl he's ever loved, asks her not to seek out her killer. Or to let him go and help protect her. For a brief moment he loses control of his emotional powers and grabs Kara by the wrist. She asks him if they're having a problem. But he quickly regains his emotional composure, kisses her hand, gives her a hug, and says he just doesn't want to see anything happen to her. She replies that she's invulnerable, so the Boy of Power shouldn't worry. And that he should hang out with her cat Streaky for a few hours while she goes off to find the one behind trying to kill her. While he's cleaning up Streaky's mess, Supergirl is almost killed by the evil Batgirl Cassandra Cain.

At the end of Supergirl #14, Kara calls Powerboy via his Father Box, and asks him to help take Boomer to the hospital in New York. He does so, saving Boomer's and Cass Cain's lives. At the hospital, he then stands vigil along with Kara, waiting for her friend to awake.

At the start of Supergirl #15, we see Powerboy and Supergirl flying outside the window of Bellevue Hospital, New York, where Boomer is recovering from almost being tortured to death by Batgirl.

Despite months of being nothing but wonderful to Kara, saving her life, fighting side by side with her on numerous occasions. And trying to protect her from everyone out to kill her. After being around Supergirl for several months, and after a heavy make out session where he absorbed allot of Kara's negative emotions (and unknown to the both of them Father Box being hijacked by Dark Angel to manipulate their emotions). When she tells him to go back to her place and wait with Streaky yet again, and ignores how he's feeling. Powerboy has a psychotic episode when Kara goes off to be with her other love interest Captain Boomerang. Despite having been supportive of her seeing her friend only moments earlier, thanks to Dark Angel he attacked Kara with his emotional powers, and knocked Kara unconscious. Father Box creates a Strength Blocker device to hold Kara, and took her back to his place at an abandoned airbase.

She wakes up in a beautiful pink heart shaped bed, and sees flowers, boxes of chocolates, champagne on ice, strawberries, all of which had been created by Father Box, and is unclear if she also saw Powerboy's dog Kirby looking at her.

Powerboy shows Kara how much he loved her, with an entire wall of his home being covered in Supergirl pictures. The pictures of all the months of memories they had freely shared together had been created by an Apokoliptian device. He finally explains his origin, about Darkseid taking him from the slums of Armegetto to become one of his agents. How Darkseid had genetically experimented on him, turning him into a power enhanced boy with various superpowers, including Empath powers that caused him to feel everyones love, hate, rage, and is those emotions that fuels his powers. How Darkseid taught him in the ways of Earth. How all that changed the first moment he felt Supergirl on Apokolips, due to his empathic powers causing him to fall deeply in love with her, and so turned his back on evil to go to Earth to be with her. The flashback shows him leaving with Father Box and Little Barda, and later him walking with the Teen Titans. His years of child abuse and all the acts of heroism he done, such as saving Kara, Grace, and hundreds of men, women, and children are ignored.

He tries to explain that it was his rage channeling powers that caused him to temporarily lose control and hurt her. But being in a really bad mood; having anger management issues; not being able to see things from his point of view; such as that he'd never been in a relationship before; that he'd never loved anyone before; that growing up on a hellish world like Apokolips, he didn't know what was and wasn't acceptable behaviors in a loving relationship. And no doubt also being manipulated by Dark Angel and kryptonite poisoning, that was responsible for all the fake visions of her Father, and recent out of character behavior.

He wants to talk things out, and not fight. Yet due to all her unresolved hate and rage issues, she was unwilling to listen to anything he said, and instead ended their relationship in a very violent manner; He just let her do whatever she wanted to him without fighting back, such as her, setting his hand on fire with heat vision (despite being in great pain from the burning of his hand, he made no attempt to put it out, again showing that he was being mind controlled by someone that didn't care if his hand burned off); knocking him hundreds of feet outside his home; dropping his house on him with his dog Kirby still in it; chasing him to deep space after Father Box had teleported him to safety; kneeing him in the groin; threatening to kill him; threatening to break every bone in his body if he ever calls, or tries to see her again; and then was tricked by Dark Angel into damaging his Father Box, which resulted in a Spatial Temporal explosion that both Powerboy and Supergirl are caught in the wake of. It isn't revealed exactly what effect this time/space explosion had on Powerboy. Dark Angel used Father Box to send Kara to an alternate reality with a Red Sun, and a world of people possessed by Phantom Zone Phantoms.

How Powerboy survived was never revealed. But it was shown that he never tried to talk or see the love of his life Supergirl again. Only leaving her flowers and a note saying that he forgave her for destroying his life, and not believing in him. He hoped they'd be able to work things out sometime in the future. Supergirl did eventually find out in Supergirl #18 that Dark Angel was responsible for the League of Assassin and Cassandra Cain murder attempts. And was told that Dark Angel used Father Box to send her to the other reality with the red sun and phantom zone phantoms to test her. But was never explained in detail that Dark Angel had been controlling Father Box all along to destroy Supergirl and Powerboy's relationship.

Powerboy was never given the chance to explain what happened, since he respected Kara's wishes not to see her anymore. Instead he gone off to prove himself as a hero again. To that end, many months later in January 2008, Power Boy appeared in the Titans East Special #1. Despite Cyborg knowing about his drama filled history with Supergirl. Whether he believed Powerboy about his Father Box being hijacked and causing his powers to go out of control. Due to Powerboy's vast superpowers; his willingness to change and learn from his past mistakes; and his potential to be a great superhero, if taught and guided in the right direction; he was selected by Cyborg to be a new member of the Superhero team Teen Titans East.

The night before his first meeting with the new team, he is shown to have had a consensual one night stand with Holly Granger (The 3rd version of Hawk). His only canonical sexual relationship. It was left unexplained why the two total strangers hooked up, but was later revealed in Titans #3 that sin demons was causing out of character behavior by all the heroes in the storyline.

Whatever relationship might have developed with Hawk, or the chance to make amends to Supergirl. And questions like: What is his real name or who was his parents? Why was he wearing a male version of Power Girl's costume? Why did he have a Powergirl like blond streak in his hair? Why did his eyes change colors? Why did his body type change from panel to panel, such as looking like a muscle bound body builder in some panels, then more like a lean quarter-back in others? Did Supergirl know his real name? What was his relationship to Little Barda, was they related or just friends? Was he genetically manipulated by Darkseid with powers from various super beings? Did Father Box sustain him past his fatal injuries and restore him to life, like it did in Supergirl #13? Or was he reborn along with all the other New Gods in the Earth 51 Universe?

Many questions along with whatever future Powerboy might have as a teen superhero was unexpectedly ended. For during their first training session, all the new Teen Titans East members (Anima, Hawk & Dove, Lagoon Boy, Little Barda, Power Boy, and Son of Vulcan) are badly wounded or killed. Including Powerboy, whom was found badly burned, and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch at the hands of an as yet unknown assailant. In Titans #2, Cyborg questions if the same villain after all the other Titans was the one responsible for Powerboy's death. So it is left unclear if he was killed by Infinity Man, who was the New God Killer. Or if he was killed by the Sons of Trigon, that want to eliminate all Teen Titans, past and present.

Despite the horrible treatment he received. And despite suffering years of abuse, cruelty, and pain at the hands of Darkseid. His empathetic nature caused him to never give up on being a hero and trying to help people. In the end Powerboy died a hero. He payed the ultimate sacrifice for an adoptive world and its people whom he loved and wanted to help save.

After the Death of the New Gods event and Final Crisis, which saw the death and then rebirth of the New Gods on Earth 51. And the rebooting of the DC Universe due to the Flashpoint event. Whether the Teen of Power, Hero of Tomorrow and his pug Kirby will ever be seen again in the DC Universe is left unanswered for now.

Creators: the awesome Geoff Johns and Tony Daniels.

In terms of his portrayal in Titans East Special #1, as revealed in Titans #3 (2008). Trigon used sin demons such as Pride and Lust to manipulate the heroes into acting out of character. The possession of Powerboy and Hawk by sin demons would explain why they hooked up despite being total strangers. And why all the teen characters acted more mature and totally different from their past appearances. So anyone that reads the Titans East Special #1, due to them being possessed, should not view the un-hero like behavior and the ease at which they was taken down by the unseen villain as an accurate representation of how this short lived group of Titans was intended to be written by their original creators.

First Appearance: 52 (2006) #21

Other Identities:
Power Boy (DC Animated Universe)

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52 (2006)
Supergirl (2005)
Teen Titans (2003)
Tiny Titans (2008)
Titans (2008)
Titans East Special (2008)

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Apokolips (DC)
New Gods (DC)
Teen Titans (DC)(03 - 2000-2011 Team)
Titans East (02 - Cyborg's Team)

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