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Real Name:
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Nasty-bad High-Digdig

Two-Edge is the half-troll, half-elf son of Winnowill and a troll, named Smelt. He is an ingenious mastersmith and inventor, teacher to the trolls, and Grohmul Djun's "Master Builder" during the "Shards" series. Immortal, he has already lived for many thousands of years. Like Timmorn, Two-Edge is unique on the World of Two Moons. A half-elf, half-troll hybrid abused as a child by his mother, Winnowill, Two-Edge was devastated when she killed his father, Smelt. Driven to madness, Two-Edge's desperate love/hate relationship with his mother has caused him to be torn between helping and hindering the Wolfriders on many occasions. Nothing gets in the way of Two-Edge and his grand schemes: he will lure, deceive, prod, and even kidnap to force his hapless pawns to play their parts "right." Two-Edge is the a legendary metalsmith among the trolls, unsurpassed at invention and weaponry.

There have been three stabilizing factors in Two-Edge's life: Ekuar, Leetah, and Venka. Leetah, the healer of elf, human and troll alike, was able to grant him some small measure of sanity. Two-Edge's love for Venka has given him a purpose in life, offering him an alternative to his games - especially now that the target of so many of those games, his mother Winnowill, is no longer there to torment and be tormented. There is some question as to what became of Two-Edge after the Djun's War. Venka led a group of Go-Backs on a search to find Kahvi, with Two-Edge accompanying his "gentle maiden."


First Appearance: ElfQuest (1978) #7

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Abenteuer in der Elfenwelt (1984)
ElfQuest (1978)
ElfQuest (1985)
ElfQuest Archives (2004)
ElfQuest: Bedtime Stories (1994)
ElfQuest: Kings of the Broken Wheel (1990)
ElfQuest: New Blood (1992)
ElfQuest: Siege at Blue Mountain (1987)
Elfquest: The Grand Quest (2004)
The Complete Elfquest (1988)

Group Affiliation(s):
Trolls (ElfQuest)

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