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Rogue (Marvel)(Earth-27)
Real Name:
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Seemingly those of her Earth-616 counterpart.

Rogue was a member of the X-Men and was in a relationship with Magneto. Together they had a son, Magnus Lensherr. The birth was a complicated one, but young Magnus survived and the two parents happily raised the boy. Magnus was cursed with a mutant power that was a combination of his parent's abilities: gifted with amazing magnetic powers, he would unfortunately turn whoever he touched with his bare skin into metal. From a very young age he had to wear a skin suit to prevent this from happening.

As an adult, Magnus was plucked out of his reality by the Timebreakers to be one of the founding members of the reality-hopping Exiles. With his son suddenly vanishing without a trace, Magneto convinced himself that his son had run away from home.

Magnus died on the Exiles' first mission, and eventually his body was returned home to Rogue and Magneto. They were shocked, and at first Magneto would not believe that the charred remains were his son. However, Rogue confirmed it was their boy, and showed Magneto the note left by the Exiles telling them that their son had died a hero. Magneto and Rogue quickly arranged a funeral for their dead son.


First Appearance: Exiles (2001) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Exiles (2001)

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