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Mace (Highbrow)
Real Name: Burt West
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Mace has the strength, stamina and speed of a human in peak form.

The veteran hero Super-Tough had a fairly successful career in the city of Chicago, partnered with his sidekick, Young-Tough. The duo battled a number of villains with their main nemesis Damien DarkLord, a time-travelling mastermind. Around 1980, the heroes had their final confrontation with their enemy which ended with the detonation of a Nega Bomb. Super-Tough and Damien DarkLord disappeared in the explosion, leaving the teenaged Young-Tough alone.

In the aftermath of the Nega Bomb detonation, Young-Tough was taken to Hillman Hospital to be treated for scarring on the upper part of his face. This disfigurement ruled the hero out of eventual membership of the United States' superhero team, Youngblood, that prided itself on having attractive members.

Disillusioned and bitter, Young-Tough eventually sunk into the depths of insanity and became the merciless vigilante Mace. Using a ferocious ball-and-chain, Mace severely beat the Shrew before eliminating thirty members of the Vicious Circle, one at a time. His actions prompted OverLord to send one of his agents, Bad Axe, to recruit the new hero, only to be taken out with merciless blows that would have killed him if Officer Alex Wilde had not arrived on the scene.

Mace proved his ability by doing what no other hero could do, bring down the possessed Dragon while he was under the influence of Horde. Once he was back in control of his mind, Dragon knocked out the vigilante to answer for his crimes and he was sent to Stronghold Prison.

Months later, CyberFace caused a prison riot while seizing control of the Vicious Circle. Mace located the OverLord armor and attempted to use it to escape and resume his 'career'. Unfortunately, the weapon had been built so that only the original host could operate it, and Mace's brain was fried.

Over a year later, Horde reawakened Mace and used him to try and eliminate the rebellious CyberFace. Upon his liberation from Dragon, Mace was sent back to prison where he was visited by his former lover, Super-Tough. Following this visit, the government's Special Operations Strikeforce chose him for membership where he served for a few weeks.

While guarding an anti-gay author, Mace went rogue and murdered his charge. He then resumed his vigilante career where and was recruited by OverLord II, who lied to him about Dragon killing his old partner. Dragon managed to eliminate OverLord II and apprehend his minions. Mace was sent back to prison and has yet to be seen since.


First Appearance: Savage Dragon (1993) #9

Other Identities:

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Issue Appearances:
Savage Dragon (1993)

Group Affiliation(s):
Special Operations Strikeforce
Vicious Circle

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