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Radius (02 - Jared Corbo)
Real Name: Jared Corbo
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Energy Projection: Radius had the ability to dicharge energy on contact. To what extent was never stated. Radius has shown to generate force field blasts from his hand, which can be used for distance attacks. The range or strength of this this attack was never fully explained

Force-Field: Radius generates a permanent force field around him that he can't deactivate. He can't feel anything with this shield in place, but often as times he pretends he can. His force field can absorb heavy impact. The full strength of his shield was never stated, but it's very powerful but porous to allow oxygen in for him to breath. His force field has never been breached by any attack.

Force-Field Air Attack: Radius can envelop a person into his force field. Doing so sucks out all the oxygen in the shield and prevents any from getting in. He used this technique to snuff out electrical fire Manbot had.

Force-Field Crushing Attack: Radius can extend his force field between a wall or the ground and a person, crushing them.

Force-Field Nutcracker Special: Named by Radius when he went up against a robot Wolverine. He extends his force field hitting the target and began to vibrate his force field ripping apart the target.

Force-Field Size Manipulation: Radius has the ability to manipulate the size and thickness of his force field to certain degrees. He has even used a strand of his hair to slip the force field really thin and expand it to wedge a door open. Normally the shield conforms to the shape of his body, but he can extend it where a perfect circle surrounds him [can make a 20+ feet sphere around him]. He has used his force field as a makeshift surfboard and rode a tidal wave with it

Strength: Jared has normal strength, but manipulating his force field to lift objects he would never be able to do on his own. The full extent of how much he can lift with his shield has never been stated, but it's in the range of 800 lbs.- 25 tons.

Clothing: For a person that has the force-field continually up you have to wonder how is he even able to change his clothes?

Eating: With his force field in place Radius is unable to eat without special aid. He uses metallic mouth plate which converts the food into nutrients and carbs so his body can absorb. He has commented the converter is like having bug-zapper strapped to his face.

Physical Contact: Until he learns how to lower his shield, he can't have actually physical contact with anyone which makes Radius feel distances from everyone else. Stacy X and his teammate Murmur tried to touch him, but failed. There is speculation that Murmur did touch him to break Mesmero's control over hi, but it was never fully explained.

Washing: Radius can't have a shower since his force-field prevents even a drop of water touching his skin. Yet he still showers just to maintain the appearance of normalcy.

Jared and his half-brother, Adrian were orphans who were raised in Orloo, Ontario at an orphanage known as Hull House. Eventually, Jared and Adrian were drafted from Hull House into the new Alpha Flight as part of the "Legacy Program" (offspring of superhuman parents).

Jared was arrogant and very controlling of the younger Adrian. It seems they did have a strong bond for each other, and Jared's pushing Adrian was an attempt to get him to toughen up. Flex undertook a search for his and Adrian's parents and discovered that Radius' father was the mutant villain Unus. It is not clear if he told Jared this.

When the terrorist group, The Zodiac, attacked Department H, Radius was more than happy to enter the fray, especially since Zodiac had killed many of the Epsilons, some of whom were his friends. During the fight, his overconfidence lead to tragedy. Several Zodiac members were using an experimental biological form to "eat" the Epsilons. Radius stood up to it, but fellow Alphan Sasquatch II saved him from it by pressing him against the ceiling while the bacteria dissolved the his body, leaving nothing but a skeleton

Jared considerable guilt over Sasquatch II's death. He engaged in reckless behavior, punishing himself by putting himself in dangerous situations. He was able to exorcise his personal demons when he fought the real Sasquatch, learning it was at least not long time Alphan Walter Lankowski who died for him. When the original Alphans rejoined the team, Jared was demoted to Beta Flight.

Some time later Radius joined Sean Cassidy's mutant strike forc, The X-Corps. When their group was attacked from traitors from within, Radius fought the villain Avalanch. Avalanch opened a chasm beneath Radius' feet, closing it over him after he had fallen in. Radius survived his oredeal, but in the aftermath House of M, a being known as The Collective absorbed all of the powers lost by thousands of mutants. Radius was listed on an Avengers display screen as being one of the depowered mutants who's powers were now in The Collective.


First Appearance: Alpha Flight: In the Beginning (1997) #-1

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Alpha Flight (1997)
Alpha Flight / Inhumans '98 (1998)
Alpha Flight: In the Beginning (1997)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Wolverine (1988)

Group Affiliation(s):
Alpha Flight (Marvel)
X-Corps (Marvel)

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