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Real Name: Babo
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Akogis are salesmen without peer, and Babo is no exception. Given a reasonable amount of time and stock, Babo could sell ice to eskimos or sand to a group of roving desert nomads.

Like all Akogis, Babo shares the peculiar brand of resistance to nearly everything used to wipe them out. Imperials regard the creatures akin to cockroaches, as Babo has survived (among other things) a direct artillery attack on his home town of Akogiville and incineration in a high-temperature blast furnace with no ill-effect.

For Babo, there is money and then everything else. If it can make a buck, Babo will do it, even if it is of questionable legality. His greed can cause him to turn on his "friends" in an instant, and thus he has few buddies outside of his fellow akogis.

Akogis also soak up water like a sponge, so a rainy day can turn an otherwise-cheerful Babo into a glum and gloomy sad-sack as he has to carry around his excess water weight.

Babo set out from Akogiville to make his fortune in the world. He shacked up with Wataru and was doing a booming business in the Ekoda black market until an Imperial attack sent his profits up in smoke and he was pressed into service as a duitiful pet by Mian Toris.

Still, things aren't as bad as they could be. With Mian around, Babo has no fear of the police or creditors, and since they are always on the move, he is constantly finding new things he can hawk for fast cash. More often than not, his schemes land him in hot water which Mian sometimes bails him out of and other times forces him to suffer the consequences of his actions.

Babo's first appearance comes in Caravan Kidd #1.

First Appearance: Caravan Kidd (1992) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Caravan Kidd (1992)
Caravan Kidd Holiday Special (1993)
Caravan Kidd Valentine's Day Special (1994)
Caravan Kidd, Part 2 (1993)
Caravan Kidd, Part 3 (1994)

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"Making money?"

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