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Real Name:
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Sparta became the most powerful of the Titan Seeds by absorbing the powers of those she slew. The full extent of her godly powers remains to be revealed, but Sparta was able to fire deadly force blasts and fly. She most likely possessed some sort of telepathic or precognitive ability.

She often had assassin squads do her dirty work for her

The child who was to be known as Sparta was saved from death on planet Synriannaq by the Greek goddess Rhea, and brought to New Chronus in order to be trained along with 11 other 'Titan Seeds' as replacements for the waning Titan pantheon. Sparta was named after the city state with the same name, while other children were named after other great cities of ancient Greece. During her training, Sparta and her fellow seed Athyns briefly became lovers. Their training complete, the Titan Seeds were returned to their homeworlds and their memories were erased in order for the seeds to learn the ways of their respective cultures. Upon reaching adulthood, the memories of New Chronus were to return and the seeds would take their rightful places among the Titans.

Unfortunately, the brainwashing did not work on Sparta. Driven crazy by her memories and responsibilities, Sparta conquered her homeplanet Synriannaq and then decided to eliminate any future threats towards herself by killing her fellow Titan Seeds, one by one. With the help of Troy, now a superheroine on Earth under the name Wonder Girl, and her team mates in the New Titans, Sparta was defeated and her mind erased. But not before killing nine of the other Titan Seeds. Xanthi of Ozyron gave his life to protect Athyns, and in return Athyns, having seen his own world destroyed in the conflict, decided to serve and protect the people of Ozyron in honor of Xanthi. With him, he brought his former lover Sparta in order to care for and nurture her back to health, if at all possible.


First Appearance: The New Titans (1988) #51

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Issue Appearances:
Batman In The Eighties (2004)
DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy (2005)
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy (2006)
The New Titans (1988)

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