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Sate Pestage

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Hailing from Naboo, Sate Pestage was an advisor to Palpatine at least as far back as the beginning of the Emperor's Senatorial career. He continued serving Palpatine until the Emperor's final breath. He was essentially "President of the Senate" during the waning days of the Old Republic. As the Empire rose, so did Pestage's fortune. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, he was the highest-ranking government official, second only to the Emperor himself in political matters.

After the Battle of Endor, he was perhaps the most logical successor to Palpatine. Indeed he came to directly control Coruscant and several other core worlds almost immediately.

According to Dark Empire and some other early post-Return of the Jedi fiction, he had a clone who was his "public face". This "clone Pestage" intended to return Coruscant to the Rebel Alliance. This plan was uncovered by Ysanne Isard, who ordered him killed. This clone was killed by Admiral Delak Krennal on Isard's orders.

Meanwhile, the real Pestage fled to the Dark Side-rich world of Byss. He then was the key figure in helping Palpatine return to life in one of the clones he had in storage there.

This "real" Pestage may (or may not have) been killed when the Galaxy Gun destroyed Byss.

In terms of the filmed Star Wars saga, Sate Pestage was one of those characters that just kept getting cut. His original appearance was supposed to have been in The Empire Strikes Back. There, he was to have had a brief discussion with Vader. According to many sources, including, he is one of the unnamed functionaries in attendance to the Emperor on the Second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. However, the script does not explicitly mention him by name.

He didn't fare much better in the prequel trilogy, although he is the subject of a small subplot in the novelization of Revenge of the Sith. There, details are given as to how the Jedi, and especially Mace Windu, believed that he was Darth Sidious.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Star Wars Handbook (1998)

Star Wars: Dark Times (2006)
Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (1995)

Group Affiliation(s):
Galactic Empire (First)
Galactic Republic (Old)

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