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Lenora Standard

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Lenora Standard was a rich plumbing heiress and a dental patient of one Dr. Bob Doom, fifth cousin to the infamous super villain, Doctor Doom.

Under the influence of anesthesia, Dr. Bob Doom had Lenora sign him up as her trustee, putting into motion his plan to steal Standard's vast fortune so he could build his own kingdom out of New York, Jersey and Connecticut. A kingdom that he believed would rival that of his cousin, Doctor Doom. Should he be able to accomplish such a feat, he could finally stop living in the shadow of his cousin.

Doom then implanted a nuerotronic device in one of Standard's filings. The device was able to receive ultra-high-frequency digital signals that could transmit directly to the nervous system, therefore Doom would be able to hypnotize anyone with a device implanted in their teeth.

When one of Doom's clients bit down too hard on the device and it started transmitting radio broadcasts, he hired She-Hulk to sue Doom. Knowing a lawsuit could destroy his plans, he activated the device in Standard's tooth, as well as the devices of two other clients. He made all three act crazy in public spaces. When they were deemed incompetent to handle their financial affairs, Doom was given all their money as their trustee. He paid the client suing him off and got him to sign a non-disclosure contract.

When She-Hulk heard about the lawsuit that the families of Doom's hypnotized victims had launched against Doom (and lost), she got a court order for x-rays of their teeth. Figuring if her client had a device implanted in his tooth, these people probably did as well.

When she showed up at Doom's place for the x-rays, he used his vast technology, based on his work as a dentist, to try and kill her. She was able to defeat him and restore the minds of Standard and the others back to normal. Doom was sent to prison.


First Appearance: The Sensational She-Hulk (1989) #18

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Issue Appearances:
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)

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