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Snake (Marvel)(01 - Skull-Crushers)
Real Name: Unrevealed
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Snake was the leader of the biker gang The Skull-Crushers. After ripping the gang off more than a thousands dollars, he blamed his girlfriend and Skull-Crushers member, Ruth Hart of taking the money. Ruth knew that Snake had taken the money, and she knew that he would kill to keep his secret, so she went on the run, ending up in the Florida Everglades with the Skull-Crushers hot on her trail. There she met Richard Rory who had been saved by the Man-Thing the previous day, but who was severely injured. Ruth bandaged him up and told him her story, which he didn't take too seriously at first.

The Skull-Crushers at this moment were also in the Everglades, not far from Ruth and Rory, and they came across the Man-Thing. Members French and Darby attacked Man-Thing with no effect, so Snake jumped in. Using his signature chain, he tried to kill the Man-Thing, but his chain just got stuck. Man-Thing grabbed Snake's hand and burned it, before turning and walking away.

As they went to follow, the gang came across Ruth and Richard and Snake attacked Richard while Ruth ran into the swamp. Richard accused Snake of stealing the money, which was overheard by the rest of the gang. As Snake then chased Ruth into the swamp, the gang searched his bike and found a stash of heroin they didn't know he had, that he was planning to sell and pocket the money.

Snake came across Ruth, who had found the Man-Thing in a trap set by his enemies to kill him. Snake attacked Ruth but Richard had followed and intervened. The Man-Thing, desperate to escape, pulled Snake's chain from his body and smashed the trap. He threw the chain outside and it smashed into the back of Snake's head, killing him on the spot.

The rest of the Skull-Crushers, minus Ruth who stayed with Richard, left the Everglades and started to travel to New Orleans when they were confronted and murdered by the first Foolkiller (Ross Everbest).


First Appearance: Man-Thing (1974) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Man-Thing (1974)

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