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Carmen Burnemissza

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A young gypsy, Carmen Burnemissza was saved by Frankenstein's Monster during an attack from Drako, a violent hunchback from within their traveling gypsy community. She ended up befriending the monster at the urging of her grandmother Marguerita. Neither Carmen nor Frankenstein's Monster were aware that Marguerita was a vampire and planned to use the monster to free her master from his supposed death.

Weeks went by while Frankenstein's Monster traveled with the gypsy tribe until they reached Transylvania where Marguerita put her plan into motion, tricking the monster into freeing Dracula.

When Carmen came upon the scene she grabbed a wooden stake to try and help Frankenstein's Monster, but her grandmother turned against her. Protecting Carmen, the monster drove the stake through Marguerita's heart, causing Carmen intense grief. Dracula slipped away in the commotion and slayed Carmen's entire gypsy tribe.

Enraged, Frankenstein's Monster believed the townspeople to be behind it, and rushed to get revenge. Carmen followed, begging and pleading for him not to hurt anyone. Her cries fell on deaf ears and she fell into sobs onto the forest floor where she passed out. Unfortunately, Dracula, looking to regain his strength after years of death, found her and fed, turning her into a vampire.

Later, Frankenstein's Monster was forced to confront Carmen, where she tried to drain him of his blood. She pierced his vocal chords, damaging his voice and rendering him mute. With much grief, the monster was force to slay Carmen before returning Dracula to his grave as well.


First Appearance: Frankenstein (1973) #7

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Issue Appearances:
Frankenstein (1973)

Group Affiliation(s):
Vampires (Marvel)

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