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The Master (Marvel)(01 - James Sinoda)
Real Name: James Sinoda
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The Master possessed some skill within the general area of voodoo. It seemed his specialized in necromancy, or raising the dead, as he was able to raise at least one person from the dead who had been deceased for a couple of days. He was also able to use voodoo dolls to get his victims to do his bidding. His victims retained full possession of their mind and capabilities until he took them over with his skills. He was able to use his voodoo dolls to kill whomever he had fashioned a doll after.

James Sinoda was a conceited man. He believed himself to be the most beautiful man alive. When he was turned down for a date by one Julia Winters, he believed that this shattered his beauty and made him ugly. He made himself a horribly disfigured mask to appear as he felt, and managed to amass a following of deformed men, both mentally and physically, to follow him, all of them believing that they were ugly and that that bonded them.

It's unknown if it was during this time or previously that Sinoda, now calling himself The Master, mastered at least some skills in the area of voodoo, but he began using them to his advantage. Having become aware of the revival of Frankenstein's Monster, he wanted to add it to his army of disfigured men. He reanimated the body of Derek McDowell, who had been murdered days previously after McDowell performed a brain transplant of his colleague Dr. Owen Wallach and Frankenstein's Monster. He had placed Wallach's mind in the monster's body. When Wallach woke up and realized what had happened, he murdered Derek and threw his body into the river. He used a voodoo doll to accomplish this, and planned to have Derek, while under his control, deliver the monster to him.

Derek at this time, still believed Wallach's mind to be in the monster. However Wallach had gone and found James Talbott, a handsome perfectly built young man who was a trapeze artist at the circus and had planned to use his own equipment to switch minds with Talbott so he could have a young perfect body and Talbott would be in possession of the monster's body. Unbeknownst to Wallach, a mouse entered the equipment, and Wallach's mind ended up in the body of a mouse, while the mouse's mind ended up in the monster's body and Talbott remained himself for the moment. The monster squished the mouse and left to wander back alleys and look for trash to eat. Coming back to the lab, Derek saw Talbott's body laying there, and once again hooked it up to the brain transplant machine, and used it to switch his brain into Talbott's body, and Talbott's brain into Derek's rotting bloated corpse.

Derek then recaptured Frankenstein's Monster, thinking it was still Wallach, and planned to transfer Wallach's mind into the monster's brain (which had been sitting in the lab this entire time) and give the monster his brain back. This was to be his revenge on Wallach for killing him. His mind would be trapped, alive and aware, in a brain, but with no body and nothing to do but literally sit. Derek performed the transfer, but at the end, where Wallach's brain was supposed to be, was the tiny brain of a mouse. In his confusion, he didn't hear the monster sneak up behind him (the monster having his own brain back in his proper body now). The monster threw Derek, still in the body of James Talbott, across the room. The head of Talbott smashed open, killing Derek instantly.

James Talbott now woke up inside the body of Derek McDowell and was devastated to see his actual body laying on the ground, dead. The Master had been viewing all of this through monitors he had set up in Wallach's lab. And technically, even though James Talbott was alive inside the body of Derek McDowell, the body was still Derek McDowell's, and that was the body that The Master had revived with his voodoo doll and could control. He used his powers to get James to bring the monster to his hideout. As they entered, The Master had no more use for James (inside the body of Derek) and crushed the doll, killing James. The Monster was enraged at the death of his friend and attacked, but The Master used his army of freak to fight the monster. They were able to knock him out and chain him to the wall.

The Master's army of freaks now went and abducted Julia Winters, the woman who had rejected him and broken his mind. They brought her back to his lair and as The Master explained who he was, he took of his mask to reveal he was actually still handsome underneath, only believing himself to be ugly. His army of freaks, feeling betrayed, attacked him. He was able to kill a couple of them before they overwhelmed him. As this happened, Frankenstein's Monster was able to pull his chains loose, taking down most of the wall with them. The room completely unstable now, collapsed in on The Master and his army, killing them all in the process, while Frankenstein's Monster was able to get Julia out of the lair in time.

The Master first appeared in Monster's Unleashed #6, but only as a hand and a voice bubble. He wasn't fully seen until the end of Monster's Unleashed #7.

First Appearance: Monsters Unleashed (1973) #6

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Issue Appearances:
Monsters Unleashed (1973)

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