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Bruno (Marvel)(The Master's Servant)
Real Name:
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Bruno was a massively disfigured man, with a horrifying face and a large hunchback. He also seemed to possess limited intelligence, being easily swayed and taken advantage of to do others biddings.

Working for a man known as The Master, a man just as disfigured as Bruno himself, Bruno helped him try to enact his revenge on the woman who had broken his heart, Julia Winter. His plan involved getting the recently revived Frankenstein's Monster into his army of freaks, a group of likewise disfigured and ugly men, and then kidnapping Julia. He planned to make Julia as ugly as himself and those like him, like Bruno, as he blamed her for turning him ugly.

Bruno and the rest of the army of freaks were able to get Frankenstein chained to the wall of The Master's lair and then kidnap Julia and bring her there as well. As The Master told Julia who he was, he revealed his plan to make her pay with her own beauty for turning him ugly. As he did this, he removed the mask he had been wearing the entire time to reveal a perfectly normal and handsome face underneath. The Master was an entirely fragile and conceited man, who, upon rejection from Julia, believed that it turned him ugly. So he literally fashioned a disfigured mask and wore it as he felt it reflected what he looked like.

As he revealed his true face, Bruno realized that The Master wasn't ugly like he was, and feeling betrayed, decided to protect Julia. Enraged, The Master stabbed Bruno in the face with a red hot poker, killing him. The rest of the army of freaks turned on The Master as well and attacked. As Frankenstein's Monster was able to finally pull free from his chains, he brought down most of The Master's lair on top of the freaks and The Master, killing them all in the process.


First Appearance: Monsters Unleashed (1973) #7

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Issue Appearances:
Monsters Unleashed (1973)

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