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Brad Wrangle

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Brad Wrangle was granted an image and powers in line with the monster he worshipped, the Father of All Worlds. This included four tentacles that sprung forth from Brad's chest which he was able to control similarly to extra limbs and which were also able to secret a burning slime.

Brad Wrangle was a stuntman for Mallet Studios, a studio that made westerns, B horror & sci-fi flicks and sometimes worse. He primarily worked within the western genre, and met Jack Russell (Werewolf by Night) one day on set when a spooked horse bucked an actress and Jack was able to calm it down. Brad offered Jack work as a stuntman and he considered it, although nothing ever came from it.

Awhile later, Jack's friend Clary Winter, brought Jack's best friend, Buck Cowan, to the studio to introduce him to her producer so Buck could have him take a look at his un-produced script from years earlier. The producer wasn't a fan, but Brad overheard and immediately offered Buck the chance to turn his script into a movie, with Clary as the leading lady. He also convinced Clary to get Jack to come on board as the stuntman for the picture.

The three friends drove with Brad and a crew he selected up to Serenity Springs, which turned out to be a deserted ghost town save for a couple of residents who acted like mindless zombies. Although the three friends were weary, they continued on with the day and got ready for the first shot of the movie. Jack was supposed to swing out on a rope tied to a tree and pretend to kick the actor playing a villain over the cliff. As he did this, another actor would fire a gun at him loaded with blanks. The shoot took place and the actor fired the gun, which turned out to be loaded with real bullets. It severed the rope and sent Jack flying down the cliff into the river below.

As Buck and Clary searched for him, the rest of the crew completely disappeared. Buck and Clary entered the hotel to look for them and were knocked unconscious. Jack in the meantime, transformed into Werewolf by Night under the full moon and roamed the forests surrounding the town until morning, when he returned to the hotel and was also knocked unconscious.

Jack awoke to find himself hanging from a stake, in a cave, over a large deep pit along with Buck and Clary. Brad, unbeknownst to all except the crew he brought with him, was the leader of a cult that worshiped a monster at the bottom of the pit known as the Father of All Worlds. With each sacrifice the monster grew more powerful and shaped it's worshipers to be more like it, giving them each four tentacles which sprung from their chests and secreted a burning slime. As Brad was about to slit Clary's throat, Jack transformed once again into Werewolf by Night and slayed numerous members of the cult, throwing one into the pit. This caused the Father of All Worlds to rise from the pit and attack. It grabbed Brad and started to consume him, brutally killing him while he screamed bloody murder. It had been said of the monster that "when evil devours evil will the earth tremble and devour us all" and this came true. As the evil monster devoured his evil follower, the mountain around began to shake and crumble. Buck Cowan was jolted awake and was able to save Clary just in time as the mountain crumbled around them, killing all the cult members and possibly the Father of All Worlds itself. Werewolf by Night was also able to escape from the cave unharmed.


First Appearance: Werewolf by Night (1972) #13

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Issue Appearances:
Giant-Size Werewolf (1974)
Werewolf by Night (1972)

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