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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2008-02-17 11:32:01 misterpace Bio Itzamna is one of the older Mayan gods of Ancient Mexico. Possibly the eldest of this first generation of gods, he served at the head of the Mayan pantheon until around 800 AD when the Aztec Empire first began to grow in importance and began assimilating all the smaller races of the Yucatan. Tezcatlipoca took the head of the newer pantheon out of the ashes of the Mayan race and many of the Mayan gods served roles in both cultures. Quetzalcoatl, the wind-god, however, supported Itzamna as Tezcatlipoca demanded blood sacrifices from the Aztecs. Tezcatlipoca hated the young god for his loyalties to older heritage and ended up embarrassing him into exile. Itzamna and his few supporters lived in the dimension of Xibalba, a world which mythologically existed underground, but this may actually be the location of its portals. Tezcatlipoca and the Aztec Gods presided in Teotihuacan, The City of the Gods, which formerly existed near Tenochitlan (the site of modern day Mexico City) before being moved to another dimension. Itzamna met with Odin to discuss the threat of the Celestials. When the Asgardians lost their lives to the alien invasion, Thor went to Xibalba to petition a portion of the life energies to revive the Norse gods. Sensing a debt had been paid to his realm, Itzamna offered Thor the necessary energies. Under the threat of Demogorge the God Eater, Odin asked Itzamna for a warrior to fight the entity alongside Thor. Itzamna sent Quetzalcoatl. Possibly having come to a truce, Itzamna and Tezcatlipoca came together with the other godheads over the threat of Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. Briefly stranded in Asgard, he assisted Odin to preserve that realm as Adam Warlock led Earth's heroes against Thanos.
2006-12-30 01:42:14 Merrik New Character

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