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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2009-05-16 19:17:36 rwe1138 First Name Tom
2009-05-16 19:17:36 rwe1138 Last Name Wilkins
2008-01-12 12:56:24 misterpace Powers None. Endotherm's costume enabled him to absorb and release heat for a variety of effects, including ice, heat blasts, blizzards, and explosions. He also used a gun that fired diamond-hard ice darts.
2008-01-12 12:56:24 misterpace Bio Tom Wilkins was originally a loyal employee and skilled security officer. However, for whatever reason, he developed an intense fear of losing his pension. This fear progressed into paranoid schizophrenia. By stealing technology available at the Stark International plant, he developed a costume to form the identity of Endotherm. In this identity, he began performing acts of vandalism on the plant, hoping to draw the company's chief executive officer, Tony Stark, to the plant to investigate. He then planned to kill Stark. In his mind, if the head of the company were dead, there would be no one to fire him, and no way he could lose his pension. As he planned, Stark did come to investigate. Stark managed to escape death by changing into his alter-ego, Iron Man. Endotherm drained all energy from Iron Man's armor, defeating him, but allowed him to live as his only goal was to kill Stark himself. In their second encounter, Iron Man boosted and redirected his cooling units to form an icy coating. This insulated him long enough to get close enough to Endotherm to knock him out (I guess his repulsors must have been damaged in their first scuffle). Iron Man was surprised to learn that Wilkins was Endotherm. He was admitted to London Psychiatric Hospital where his disorder was diagnosed. Tony Stark agreed to pay the bill for any treatments needed.
2007-02-12 18:38:57 melkoloran New Character

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