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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-08-26 07:26:11 wrt1992 Powers Super-Strength Scrap has developed super strength from the radiation administered by Maddie Warner. She also possess a modicum of invulnerablity, as evidenced when she took a full charge of electricity from the villain Voltage. She tends to throw large objects at her foes, but her aim leaves something to be desired.
2007-08-26 07:26:11 wrt1992 Bio Scrap was a film student at NYU and moved to LA for a career in film, before joining Dynamo 5. Bridget Flynn is a graduate of New York University's Film School. She had always wanted to go to Hollywood to make movies and that's exactly where she went, believing she could get by on her talent. However, Hollywood had not been ideal for Bridget and she found herself working at a movie theater in Los Angeles, at the ticket counter. It was here at the ticket counter that Bridget Flynn met Maddie Warner, the widow of Captain Dynamo. Maddie was able to reveal to Bridget that she was actually the biological daughter of Captain Dynamo. Over time, Maddie Warner coerced Bridget to meet with her other unknown siblings in the secret base of Captain Dynamo. It was here where Maddie irradiated Bridget and her siblings to unlock their super powers. Maddie explained that Tower City needed heroes now that Captain Dynamo had passed away and the five siblings were to be those heroes. It was from that day on that they were joined together as Dynamo 5. Bridget was recently visited by her father, the man who raised her. She has learned that her parents are getting a divorce because they have simply fallen out of love. Scrap has developed a friendship with her biological sister, Slingshot. Bridget has a labret piercing, below the lip but above the chin.
2007-04-04 23:31:00 geek4x4 New Character

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