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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-08-09 00:37:53 Merrik Powers Goblyn possess superhuman agility as well as a slightly enhancced healing ability. Goblyn is feral in appearance; hoofs for feet and claws for hands; her head is extended and bulbous.
2007-08-09 00:37:53 Merrik Bio Goblyn was almost terminated as a fetus because her parents did not want to have a mutant child and it could be told at this point that she was, in fact, going to be because of her physical form (Goblyn has an enormous skull, claws and hooves as well as generally appearing her namesake). Her twin sister, Laura, somehow, even as a fetus was able to save her by using her own powers to send Goblyn to another dimension ("Liveworld"). The two never met and Laura never manifested knowingly her powers again until they were kidnapped by Bedlam after they had escaped from the New Life Clinic where Laura was undergoing treatment for autism. He used Goblyn (whenever Laura was extremely afraid she and Goblyn would change places, and this was her power) against Alpha Flight and she was the only one of his team of mind controlled super-humans to survive the final battle with him. She was soon inducted into Beta Flight, under the mistaken belief that Laura was Goblyn and that she could change form. Finally, the two actually met each other when Alpha Flight came to Liveworld when the Dreamqueen threatened Laura. When the two escaped, Laura came completely out of her autism and the two sisters became extremely close. They both became members of Beta Flight. At some point, both Dean sisters left Department H. Goblyn's current status is unknown.
2007-04-06 09:47:48 cook New Character

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