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Herbert Bell

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-10-07 12:27:40 misterpace Powers No super-powers. Bell is a genius in physics, mechanics and electronics.
2007-10-07 12:27:40 misterpace Bio (Black Goliath#2 (fb) - BTS) - Herbert Bell collected three degrees. He became a skilled physician. Then he spent a year in the Formula One Gran Prix as technician. (Black Goliath#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bell, Talia Kruma and Dale West were employed by Bill Foster to work for Stark International West . Foster gave Bell the project to build a personal force-field which would be worn by the Police Forces. The three scientists worked hard on the project, with some difficulties and some accidents on the work. (Black Goliath#1) - Bill Foster attended to a demonstration about the first prototype of force-field jacket. Bell and Kruma demonstrated that the force-field was still unstable. (Black Goliath#2) - Bill Foster had his three assistants create a sensor to track the radiations emitted by Atom Smasher (Ronald English). (Black Goliath#3) - Bell and his colleagues didn't see Bill Foster from a day, Bell was worried about Bill Foster. Some minutes later, the Research Centre was attacked by Vulcan and his henchmen. Helped by West, Bell managed to call the Police. Vulcan stole the box containing the Null-Life Bomb from the Laboratory but Black Goliath stopped them. (Black Goliath#4 (fb)) - The three scientists were surprised to hear Foster's plan of abandoning the Centre after a squabble with Tony Stark about the box stealing. (Marvel Two-in-One#24) - Foster and his assistants created a space suit for the exploration of the surface of Venus. During the test, Hijacker attacked the Centre to steal Stark's prototypes and projects. The criminal gassed the scientists, but was stopped and captured by Thing and Black Goliath. (Marvel Two-in-One#85) - At Stark West, the Whiz Kids received the visit of Bill Foster and Ben Grimm. Shortly later the Atom Smasher and his men looted the Stark West warehouse, Ben Grimm tried to stop them but the criminal stunned him. The scientists helped Grimm. After examining the list of the stolen components, the Whiz Kids guessed that Atom Smasher wanted to build a bomb. Spider Woman later donated her blood to cure Bill Foster from his radiation poisoning. The Whiz Kids visited Foster to the hospital, hoping that the scientist would come back to Stark-West.
2007-04-11 18:48:06 cook New Character

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