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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2008-02-02 11:54:17 misterpace Powers Groundhog possessed no abilities beyond being in fit physical condition. Wearing the Weapon Alpha prototype armor, he possessed several abilities, including flight, enhanced strength, and the ability to fire electro-magnetic blasts from the glove units.
2008-02-02 11:54:17 misterpace Bio Detective Sean Benard learned of fellow members of the Vancouver Police Department trafficking in drugs, and reported them to internal affairs. While trapped in an alley by the cops he reported, including Dieghton, Benard was rescued by Wolverine, who then took Benard to meet with the Canadian Prime Minister. Benard was informed that he would report to The Flight and work as a member of it, or else he would face charges of murder. Arriving at the compound housing The Flight members, Benard was annoyed by Smart Alecís sleep-talking, and ran into a wandering nude Snowbird. The next morning, Benard met with the men behind the project, James MacDonald Hudson and Walter Langkowski. They showed him the Weapon Alpha prototype armor, and explained he would be wearing it. A training session with the members of The Flight went disastrously, as the various people did not seem combat-ready. After the training, Benard met the final member of The Flight, Stitch, a young mutant who took a form of affection towards him. During all of this, Egghead and his Emisarries of Evil had arrived in Canada, with the intention of setting up a nuclear missile near the border, aimed at New York City. The Flight was called in to take care of the problem, and Benard, now using the code name Groundhog, arrived with the team. The battle between the two teams went horribly, until Saint Elmo sacrificed himself to destroy the missile. Upset at being placed on a team with lunatics and untrained fighters, Benard quit The Flight and left. Despite the hostility of his departure, he returned to the Vancouver police, where the murder charges were never brought up. From there, he watched Hudsonís team blossom into Alpha Flight, Canadaís premiere group of super-heroes.
2007-04-20 22:15:44 cook New Character

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