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Timber (G.I. Joe)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-03-21 06:51:28 spid Alias Timber Timber (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-21 19:01:28 jwnieman Bio A wolf who befriended Snake-Eyes while the commando lived in his cabin in the High Sierras. Though Timber became a pet to Snake-Eyes, he remained a wild animal and usually stood guard at the cabin when Snake-Eyes was away. Hawk and Stalker were met by Timber when they first asked Snake-Eyes to join the newly-formed G.I. Joe team. Because Snake-Eyes rarely left his land and a wolf was his constant companion, some of the people in the tiny town at the foot of the mountains sometimes referred to Snake-Eyes as a werewolf. When Snake-Eyes' cabin was attacked by Destro, Firefly and Fred Broca, Timber helped his friend, pouncing on Destro before he could shoot Snake-Eyes. In the battle that followed, Snake-Eyes pulled Timber into the hidden trap door beneath his cabin as it exploded. Over a year later, Storm Shadow arrived at the wreckage of the cabin to spend some time alone. He was worried to find Timber growling at him, but the wolf soon picked up Snake-Eyes' scent on the ninja and welcomed him as a friend. When Scarlett arrived, seeking Storm Shadow's help in saving Snake-Eyes from the Cobra Consulate in New York, Timber joined the rescue mission. He was hidden away in a large vacuum cleaner tank being pulled by Scarlett, who was disguised as a cleaning lady. When Scarlett's identity was exposed, a group of Cobra soldiers had the bad luck of discovering Timber, as well. Years later, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Storm Shadow and Jinx took some time off at the site of the cabin. As they sat around a campfire, Timber approached, an arrow in his side and a red cloth in his teeth. He had been shot by a group of Red Ninjas coming to kill Storm Shadow. The ninjas were defeated after a fight, and Timber was given the treatment he needed to recover from his injuries. Timber lived to a very old age, spending several more years on watch at the cabin, with or without Snake-Eyes. About a year after the Joe team was shut down in 1994, Timber died while Snake-Eyes and Scarlett were living in a newly-built cabin. They buried him in the mountains, not far from the cabin. Before passing away, Timber fathered a litter of wolf pups, many of whom still live near the cabin today.
2007-06-16 00:35:58 insidestraight Notes Snake Eyes' pet wolf. Snake-Eyes' pet wolf.
2007-06-14 01:43:34 insidestraight New Character

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