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Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-12-19 08:37:56 aaronmoish Alias The Futurist Futurist
2008-01-20 21:48:36 misterpace Powers Before his transformation into the Futurist, Randolph James was a brilliant expert in a number of scientific fields, presumably in computers, engineering, and genetics. Two tangible examples of his scientific knowledge were the super-computer Compucord Plus and his evolution-accelerator. Using the latter, James evolved himself into a ten-foot tall, hairless humanoid with a head oversized in proportion to his body--the Futurist. The Futurist fired beams form his eyes, which had a number of observed effects such as: inducing sleep in others, transforming people into animals or insects, and creating beams of concussive force. He could also levitate himself and others for flying, hovering, or walking through the air. He could fly fast enough to escape the pull of Earth's gravity. Presumably, many if not all of the Futurist's superhuman physical abilities originated from his highly evolved brain. In addition to these physical abilities, the Futurist had several superhuman mental abilities that definitely derived from his evolved brain. For example, his mental fortitude was strong enough to resist the psychic siren's call put forth by the powerful Overmind, a composite creature with the mental might of billions of beings. Without using his natural senses, the Futurist could telepathically perceive the presence, intentions, and thoughts of others. Even more impressive, the Futurist could also sense the creation and destruction of galaxies within his mind, implying some form of cosmic awareness. His great intellect was raised to superhuman levels following his transformation.
2008-01-20 21:48:36 misterpace Bio Professor James was a scientific friend of Reed Richards who invented the evolutionary accelerator Compucord Plus and used it on himself, evolving him to a near god-like state. Calling himself the Futurist, he now is something much more than a human, and departs into space. Doctor Randolph James was a scientist who evolved himself into a large-skulled, highly intelligent humanoid with great psionic abilities. Randolph James was a classmate and friend of Reed Richards, who later became Mister Fantastic. He later became a professor and research scientist though he became somewhat unstable when his wife died. Years later Reed and his team, the Fantastic Four came to visit Dr. James. Right after the Fantastic Four departed, a group of young thugs broke into Dr. James' home and robbed and assaulted him. Dr. James tried to call the Fantastic Four, but they were busy fighting Blastaar. Fearing his own demise, Dr. James in his desperation used his evolution-accelerator to heal the severe trauma he received. When Mister Fantastic returned, he found his friend transformed into the Futurist. The Futurist discovered the gang that had attacked him still lurking in his neighborhood, and turned them into rats. The Futurist floated towards the Fantastic Four's headquarters, the Baxter Building, displaying his raw power along the way. Once there, Blastaar tricked the Futurist into making an alliance with him, convincing the Futurist that the Fantastic Four were dangerous and needed to be destroyed. Blaastar and the Futurist broke into the Baxter Building, placing the Invisible Woman into a deep slumber. The Futurist sensed Blastaar's evil intent, and allowed Franklin Richards to send Blastaar back to the Negative Zone with his psychic powers. The Futurist left the Earth, seeking out new vistas of exploration in outer space. Quasar briefly glimpsed the Futurist, first on the Stranger's Labworld, and then during his journeys in the cosmos. From what Quasar saw, the Futurist seems to be paired with another highly evolved humanoid, named Alpha the Ultimate Mutant.

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