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Tetherblood (Marvel)(Earth-4935)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2014-12-21 00:51:51 MedievalRoadie Alias Tetherblood (Marvel) Tetherblood (Marvel)(Earth-4935)
2014-12-21 00:42:19 MedievalRoadie Alias Tetherblood Tetherblood (Marvel)
2014-12-21 00:42:19 MedievalRoadie Bio best friend to Cable in their timeline In the late 37th-early 39th century, Tetherblood's father, Throeblood, was a member of the Clan Askani. Roughly in the late 36th century, Apocalypse ascended to power and ruled much of North America unchallenged, for 100 years, where humans and whoever else resistant to his rule could be killed at any moment. The Clan Askani were the only rebellion left to opposed Apocalypse's rule. After the Aksani brought the Askani'son to their time period, from the past, the Canaanites blasted their way into the Askani headquarters and killed Throeblood, as they began the massacre of the Clan Askani. Meeting the Askani'son Years later, following the destruction of Apocalypse, Tetherblood was left on his own and attended secret Askani revivals ministered by Fossil, where he met Nathan Dayspring. After Fossil wrongly stated that Mother Askani defeated Apocalypse, Nathan spoke-out and he and Tetherblood were captured, by 'Strator Umbridge. After 'Strator Umbridge realized that Nathan was the Askani'son and the one who defeated Apocalypse, she sent guards and Blaquesmith seemingly sacrificed himself for Tetherblood and Nathan to escape, telepathically telling Nathan to find the remaining members of the Clan Askani. Clan Chosen Canaanites War Years later, following the destruction of the Askani Sisterhood, by the New Canaanites led by Ch'vayre and Stryfe, Nathan, Tetherblood, and Aliya founded the Clan Chosen, an Askani-inspired team of freedom fighters. Training in the Askani ways under surviving Askani elders, the Clan Chosen repeatedly battled the New Canaanites and the Scions of Apocalypse, led by Stryfe. Tetherblood and Nathan forged a very close relationship over the following years. The Clan Chosen also clashed with the Neo-Canaanites, a group that also wished to claim Apocalypse's power. When Stryfe's spy, Korless, infiltrated the Clan and Stryfe psychically attacked Nathan, Stryfe captured Tetherblood and the Professor from Nathan's camp and Stryfe tortured Tetherblood to find out its importance. After decades of battle, the Clan Chosen signed a long-lasting peace treaty with the New Canaanites, but Nathan, upset by rumors that Apocalypse had survived, convinced the Clan's Askani Council that they needed to fight again, after the council made him prove himself against the Protectorate Council Guards in an arena. However, ensuing battles cost the Clan dearly and the following war nearly destroyed all life on Earth. When the Clan Chosen attacked Stryfe, Tyler Dayspring captured Clan member Dawnsilk, forging a neural link between them to gain Clan Chosen secrets. Nathan decided to sever the link, by shooting his son, in order to save Dawnsilk. This knocked Tyler out and further damaged his and Dawnsilk's mind as well. After the death of Aliya, Nathan became more brash and a danger to himself and Tetherblood closely watched over him, even when he asked him not to. During another battle, Tetherblood and Nathan lead a squad to obtain Captain America's Shield, which Nathan used to inspire liberty and justice in his followers. After Nathan returned to his original timeline to become Cable, Tetherblood took over leadership of the Clan. After Cable and Kane were injured in battle with Stryfe, Cable took Kane to Applecrust, in the future, where they were able to enhance his cybernetic prosthetics. Kane stayed with the Clan Chosen, while waiting for Cable to return. Cable returned to Kane in Applecrust and aided the Clan Chosen in battling a group of Flatliners. The Clan Chosen decided to send Kane home and destroy the Tinex, the time-travel nexus, within Niagara Falls.
2007-10-27 05:25:58 DrNick201 Bio best friend to Cable in their timeline
2007-07-17 17:22:52 misterpace New Character

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