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Baron Wernher Von Blitzschlag

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-05-26 02:26:54 aaronmoish First Name Wernher Baron Wernher
2013-05-26 02:26:54 aaronmoish Alias Baron Von Blitzschlag
2008-03-18 13:27:32 DrNick201 First Name Wernher
2008-03-18 13:27:32 DrNick201 Last Name Von Blitzschlag
2007-10-05 16:43:55 misterpace Bio According to interviews with character creator Dan Slott, Baron Von Blitzschlag was "a Nazi supervillain that you've never seen. He's someone who had off panel run-ins with guys like The Whizzer, Miss America, and Thin Man. But no one really remembers him. The way he works in this book is that he's one of the guys in Hank Pym's lab in the Initiative. You read stuff like 'Civil War' and you see that they're making heroes like the new Champions. And that's one of the places he comes in. The Baron is a Nazi geneticist who is helping out the Initiative in the same way Wernher von Braun was helping out the NASA space program. As much as we hate the Nazis and they were awful human beings, we used guys who worked on the V-2 rockets to help us put men on the moon and the Russians were using them too. There's something like that going on in the Initiative but I can't say any more about it." Following the conclusion to Civil War, Baron Von Blitzschlag is recruited into The Initiative and works at Camp Hammond, seemingly taking the position as the head of scientific research. He sits in on training sessions and is particularly interested in the development of Trauma's abilities. Following the death of MVP, Von Blitzschlag is asked to perform the autopsy. After discovering MVP's naturally formed peak human abilities, he argues with Hank Pym over whether exploiting MVP's genetic material in order to create more superheroes is ethical. After Pym laments the fact that he has to work with a former supervillain and Nazi, Von Blitzschlag points out Pym's role in a number of "villainous" acts including the creation of Ultron and the Thor Clone/Cyborg from Civil War, finishing by saying "Don't hate me Herr Pym, for I am your greatest fan!".
2007-07-18 20:21:35 misterpace New Character

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