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Adam Crown

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-12-07 11:20:35 misterpace Powers Adam Crown was host to a Pendragon spirit that granted him heightened abilities, powers and senses which became exaggerated to super-human levels. Adam's physical abilities included enhanced endurance, speed , stamina, and strength. Adam was able to sense the Bane, and he was able to project forth his Pendragon spirit in a manner that exorcised the Bane spirit from Grace by allowing her to share in his emotions. Like the other Pendragons, he was attuned to the workings of nature. He often experienced Pendragon visions warning of various dangers in the future or the present, and across great distances. In this manner, he could sense if any of his fellow Pendragon's were dying. He had the ability to converse with animals, including the sentry owls that populate the Green Chapel. Like his fellow Pendragons, Adam was able to tap into the power of the Earth itself, which manifests as a lighting-like energy referred to as 'Pendragon Fire'. Unlike the other Pendragons, Adam channeled this energy through his weapon, Caliburn. Although Adam hadn't any formal combat training or experience prior to receiving his Pendragon spirit, he inherited some skills from it's former hosts. At the very least he developed a proficiency in hand-to-hand combat equivalent to that of an experienced fighter. He became an accomplished swordsman, leader, and horseman. It is believed the spirit possessing him had once belonged to King Arthur, and he may have inherited other abilities from him. Adam was given a sword of mystical construction (and more than likely supernormal durability) by the Lady of the Lake, which she referred to as the Sword of the Dawn and Adam later referred to as Caliburn. Caliburn gave Adam guidance in the use of his Pendragon abilities, allowing him much greater control. For example, Caliburn made Adam capable of dimensional travel from Earth to Avalon. It also allowed his to use his Pendragon fire in a manner similar to telekinesis. In this manner, Adam was capable of halting a moving car and generating a close range force field capable of levitating and restraining his opponents. The Lady of the Lake also provided him with a suit of armor of unspecified durability. For a time, Adam wore a more sophisticated suit of armor that enhanced his abilities, powers and senses even further. The armour had a battle computer that provided strategic advice in combat and could warn of potential dangers such as harmful radiation. It could also take control of Adam's actions if need be to prevent him killing another Pendragon. The suit reacted to his Pendragon power and moulded itself to fit. It had a fast acting self-repair system that could repair superficial tears in a matter of seconds. The armor adapted to the wearers needs, and was also capable of 'evolving' into new forms, though this only happened once. After it's evolution, the armor provided Adam with a shield for extra protection.
2007-08-26 22:13:58 cook New Character

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