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Night Thrasher (Marvel)(02 - Donyell Taylor)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2012-05-19 08:46:18 aaronmoish Alias Night Thrasher (02 - Donyell Taylor) Night Thrasher (Marvel)(02 - Donyell Taylor)
2008-03-04 13:32:29 misterpace Bio Donyell Taylor is the product of a one night stand between his unnamed mother and Daryl Taylor father of Dwayne Taylor. With Night Trasher's father leaving his mother and his illegitimate son, Donyell apparently lived a hard young life, but somewhere in that life found a teacher to train him in the martial arts and effective usage of his powers. He later learns about his brother Dwayne and about the life of leisure he led, he also discovers that Dwayne is secretly Night Thrasher. Learning of Dwayne's relationship with Silhouette; Donyell, adopting the name Bandit, seduced her and then confronted Dwayne. Dwayne endures a severe beating at Bandit's hands. Later wanting a rematch; Bandit abducts Silhouette keeping her tied to a chair under blinding lights in order to lure Dwayne into a confrontation, but Dwayne wins the rematch. Donyell later comes to terms with his half-brother, finding common ground during their battle against the Sphinx. During his time with the Warriors Donyell became romantically involved with Silhouette, they eventually left the team together, and Donyell would take her to Chicago with him, and that is the last time that they are seen together. The next time Donyell shows up, he has apparently been seeing Gambit's ex-wife Belladonna for a few months. No one knows what exactly happened between Silhouette and Bandit in Chicago that caused them to separate, but according to Gambit they are still together. When the core roster of the New Warriors is kidnapped by the Sphinx. Silhouette was dating Bandit at the time of her disappearance, and this led a worried Donyell to contact Warriors HQ inquiring as to her whereabouts. Carlton Lafroyge (also known as Hindsight Lad) who, at that time, was the team's in-house strategist, suggested that Bandit form his own rescue team. Bandit and Hindsight Lad call in the team's reservists Darkhawk, Turbo, Dagger, and Powerpax and brief them on the situation. Bandit and his team track down the Sphinx, free the Warriors, and together they defeat him. Some time later, Bandit shows up in New Orleans, where he is apparently romancing Belladonna Boudreaux, leader of the local Thieves Guild. Bandit set in play a plan to destroy the Thieves Guild which fails because of Gambit's interference. Gambit explains to Belladonna that Bandit had been manipulating her, and that he had never broken off his relationship with Silhouette Chord. The guild was confronted and defeated only after turning on all three of them, and in the confusion Bandit escaped New Orleans. If what Gambit said was true then apparently Bandit and Silhouette might be attempting on a larger scale what Silhouette, Midnight's Fire and Night Thrasher used to do as teenagers but with much more dangerous targets. It is not known if Bandit retained his mutant powers after the M-Day. After the Stamford accident, Donyell Taylor had taken over the Taylor foundation at the death of his brother. It is also revealed that Donyell suffered from a car accident that caused his legs to be amputated. Donyell denies involvement in the latest incarnation of the New Warriors. However, he reveals that a large amount of money was drained from the Taylor Foundation against his wishes and only he and his brother Dwayne had access to those accounts. Later is revealed that Donyell Taylor did not, in fact, lose his legs at all. The last panel shows him standing up and staring out of a window, with the image of Night Thrasher behind him, suggesting that he took his brother's alias and costume, and now leads the New Warriors. Apparently, Dwanye and Donyell reconciled at some point, as he is seen expressing regret for the earlier hostility in their relationship at Dwanye's grave.
2007-12-28 18:50:31 Merrik Alias Night Thrasher (02) Night Thrasher (02 - Donyell Taylor)
2007-12-13 09:51:03 misterpace New Character

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