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Baphomet (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2019-01-08 04:49:42 Merrik Powers Baphomet possesses great superhuman strength, which is much more enhanced in hell than it is on Earth. He is able to project fireballs which quite possibly are hellfire itself, and he is also immune to hellfire.
2019-01-08 04:49:42 Merrik Bio Baphomet is of the second class of demons, following the Elder Gods (or Elderspawn). He is a hell lord and possibly resides over a realm that he calls hell. He is at the least Captain of the Imperial Guard of the Court of Satan. Baphomet first came into conflict with Daimon Hellstrom on his birthday, February 2nd (Candlemas in the Satanic Calendar) as a trap laid by Hellstrom's father Satan to reclaim Hellstrom's soul and force him into hell with his father. They two battled atop the St. Louis Arch where Hellstrom was able to blast a piece of the arch out from under Baphomet's form, causing him and the concrete to fall, crushing him as they hit the ground, destroying his physical form and forcing him back to hell. They would later briefly team up against the Possessor under Fire Lake to try and stop him from accessing the portal to hell.
2012-02-05 22:14:45 jjquantum Alias Baphomet Baphomet (Marvel)
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth First Name New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Middle Name New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Last Name New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Alias New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Powers New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Weaknesses New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Bio New Character
2008-09-27 10:57:27 ryanwerth Notes New Character

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