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Angel (Buffyverse)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-08-17 16:34:58 Allycat Powers Angel has all the standard powers and weaknesses of a Vampire plus he has photographic memory and is an accomplished artist.
2007-08-17 16:34:58 Allycat Weaknesses If Angel experiences a moment of perfect happiness, he will lose his soul again and revert to the evil Angelus.
2007-08-17 16:34:58 Allycat Bio Born as Liam in 1727, he was bitten and turned into a vampire in 1753 by Darla. He became one of the most vicious vampires ever and went by the name Angelus. He sired (amongst others) Drusilla. In 1898 he was cursed by a gypsy clan and his soul was restored. He would now have to live with all the horrible things he had done. However, if he ever achieved perfect happiness, his soul would be taken away again. For years Angel lived alone and in recluse, until he was given a task by the Powers that Be to aid the newly called vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, in her battle against evil. Angel and Buffy fell in love and after they had sex, he achieved a moment of perfect happiness, he lost his soul again. Angelus nearly destroyed the world, but Buffy killed him. Angel was returned from the hell he had been sent to barely a year later by some unknown power to once again help humanity. After helping Buffy avert another apocalypse, he left Sunnydale and went to LA, where he started up a PI office with a special interest in the paranormal. Here he ran afoul with the evil Lawyers at Wolfram & Hart. Initially hostile toward him, they offered him and his team the leading positions at the LA branch of their firm. While working there, Angel concocted a plan to eliminate the leaders of W&H in this dimension, that he sent into action May 2004.

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