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Gemini (Marvel)(02 - Male LMD)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-03-07 03:50:04 aaronmoish Alias Gemini (Marvel) (03 - Male LMD) Gemini (Marvel)(02 - Male LMD)
2011-03-09 06:50:35 Cononach Alias Gemini (Marvel) (02 - Male LMD) Gemini (Marvel) (03 - Male LMD)
2007-03-17 02:55:29 Merrik Alias Gemini (Marvel) (Robot) Gemini (Marvel) (02 - Male LMD)
2007-03-17 02:55:29 Merrik Bio Created by Scorpio -- "Two super-selves in one" (Savage She-Hulk #12 p16). Created by Scorpio (Jake Fury) using the Zodiac Key to serve as members of his own Zodiac organization. Scorpio went after his brother, Nick Fury, with his new group, but was defeated by The Defenders and Moon Knight. During the fight, Gemini released it's two other selves to battle The Defenders, and became conflicted as to where it's loyalties should lie. The reasonable side chose the Zodiac, and the emotional side chose The Defenders. It came to the conclusion to obey the emotional side and aided The Defenders against the rest of the Zodiac. Gemini willingly turned himself over to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. for deactivation, but on a good word from The Defenders, Fury released Gemini to his own recognizance. Gemini turned up on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles where he felt at home with the other "weirdos". There he encountered Thomas and Angela Le Clerc. The Le Clerc's had hired a thug to kill Morbius, who during his uncontrollable blood lust phase, had killed their daughter. Since developing a cure for his bloodlust, Morbius had been defended in court by Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) and was found guilty on a reduced charge of invonlutary manslaughter due to the fact he could not control himself. Unhappy with the verdict, the Le Clercs hired a thug to kill Morbius, but the thug refused to follow through on the deal and began threatening the Le Clercs for more money. Gemini came to their aid and saved them from the thug, only to be hired himself by the Le Clercs to kill Morbius. Gemini only wanted to confront Morbius to discern the truth, and Jennifer Walters was also abducted for being an accessory in his defense. In a remote location, Gemini learned the facts from Walters and Morbius and decided the verdict was a fair one. Scanning the Le Clercs, he realized the validity of their rage, and decided to stay neutral in the conflict and allow them to proceed as they wished. The Le Clercs still wanted their vengance with the death of Morbius. Morbius, wanting to protect Walters, threw himself from the cliff they were on, but the Le Clercs only saw this as trying to rob them of their vengance. Morbius survived the fall, and seeing the Le Clercs were going to kill him, Walters transformed into She-Hulk to protect him. Gemini and She-Hulk clashed while she was trying to protect him. Thomas Le Clerc then raised his gun to kill Morbius, but realized then that Morbius didn't have a choice in being a killer, while he did, so Le Clerc threw the gun away. Gemini, having defeated She-Hulk, returned Morbius to his lab for more serum to control his bloodlust. Gemini re-joined The Zodiac under the leadership of Quicksilver during his bout with temporary insanity, who hired them to make The Avengers pay for what he considered their crimes. Gemini, Cancer and Quicksilver confronted The Avengers at their mansion and Gemini fought Captain America. During the battle, Gemini reversed to it's other personality and surrendered. After being released, Gemini was granted a new female body by the Zodiac key and became Gemini 03 - Female LMD.
2007-03-17 02:55:29 Merrik Notes Marvel 1980s villain.
2007-03-17 02:34:00 Merrik Alias Gemini (Marvel) (02 - Robot) Gemini (Marvel) (Robot)
2007-03-07 15:58:05 IndieRockLance Alias Gemini (robot creation of Scorpio) Gemini (Marvel) (02 - Robot)
2006-01-05 20:45:36 Syntaxfactory New Character

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