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Apollo (Wildstorm)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2012-05-30 02:22:20 spid Alias Apollo (DC)(Earth-50 - Wildstorm) Apollo (Wildstorm)
2012-05-10 08:01:55 aaronmoish Alias Apollo (Wildstorm) Apollo (DC)(Earth-50 - Wildstorm)
2008-02-12 19:43:45 spid Alias Apollo (Earth-50 - Wildstorm) Apollo (Wildstorm)
2007-12-20 21:46:25 Darth Kramer Alias Apollo (Wildstorm) Apollo (Earth-50 - Wildstorm)
2007-08-18 11:12:04 misterpace Powers Apollo's powers include super-strength, flight, and near invulnerability (he has been able to enter a lava flow to deactivate a volcano, and has literally walked on the surface of the sun). His eyes are constructed to concentrate solar energy into laser like blasts, literally concentrated sunlight. Apollo can also release his solar energy from other parts of his body (hands, mouth, etc) or in an omni-directional flare, but these moves are taxing. He can fly as well, at least fast enough to circle the globe in just under 30 seconds. Like Superman, Apollo's powers are dependent on the Sun. Unlike Superman however, his powers are far more directly dependent on the sun. Whereas Superman's abilities are somewhat more 'internal', needing only exposure or access to sunlight to activate, Apollo's body behaves much more directly like a battery, which discharges and recharges. His body was altered to store and convert solar energy to power his abilities, which disappear or weaken if his solar reserves are low. Conversely, his powers also increase the more energy he has absorbed. Apollo can drain himself through overuse of his powers since living on the Carrier does not provide him with a constant exposure to solar energy. However, even when drained he will be able to fly(barely) after 20 seconds in direct sunlight, though it would take him 2 hours to be at full charge. This can be somewhat circumvented by transporting (using the Carrier's 'Door' system) into close proximity to the sun. Apollo will die if he completely depletes his solar stores, and his strength/resilience drop accordingly when weakened to the point where he's essentially normal. He can survive in anaerobic environments indefinitely (he flies in space, even all the way to the moon and into deep space), by the simple method of not breathing, as his body is entirely sustained by his solar energy. He also does not require food or drink, though he apparently enjoys both. Apollo has been described a number of times as a Majestic-Class superhuman, suggesting that his powers rival those of Mr. Majestic, or are at least similarly beyond the frame of reference of most humans and superhumans.
2006-12-11 18:29:11 IndieRockLance Alias Apollo Apollo (Wildstorm)
2006-01-20 20:02:00 lothario New Character

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