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Victor Mancha (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2015-01-09 06:31:24 crimson78 Last Name Mancha Mancha (Marvel)
2007-11-10 17:36:49 BurningStarIV Powers Victor Mancha is a cyborg, created from the DNA of Marianella Mancha and the technology of Ultron. Victor was constructed using advanced nanite technology that will evolve and mature with Victor into adulthood so that his robotic innards will transform into artificial human organs, indistinguishable from real ones. Ultron created Victor with several computer-related abilities, including a high level of intelligence, vast amounts of hard drive memory (which Victor refers to as photographic memory), and the ability to communicate with other machines directly. Victor also possesses some level of superhuman strength, incredible speed, a powerful jumping ability, and an automated self-repair function. In combat, Victor primarily employs his electromagnetic abilities; he is capable of directing high voltage electrical energy from his hands and manipulating magnetic fields to reshape and bend metallic objects. Much like Magneto, Victor can use Earth's natural magnetic lines of force to levitate and fly. Despite his array of powers, Victor has four known weaknesses, many of which stem from his mechanical roots. At his current age, Victor's nanites have not yet fully transformed into human organs, so his entire body will set off metal detectors, potentially drawing him unwanted attention. Second, Victor's mainframe can be hacked and controlled remotely; "Hunter" (of the second Pride) and Ultron are the only two that have successfully hacked Victor thus far. Victor discovered his third weakness during the runaways' first encounter with the Young Avengers, when he and the Vision both short-circuited upon getting too close to each other. The runaways and Young Avengers eventually discovered that when any two of Ultron's creations come within a close vicinity, both create a devastating feedback, harming both machines. While decoding The Abstract, Chase discovered Victor's last and most potent weakness: three questions designed specifically to overload Victor's circuits and lock him into a neverending loop of meaningless binary, which Nico refers to as "the blue screen of death." Chase used the first phrase against Victor after the cyborg discovered Nico in chains: "Could God make a sandwich so big that even He couldn't finish it?" The only way for Victor to recover from his shutdown mode is by hearing the question's answer from someone else. Once Victor's mainframe becomes functional again, he cannot be affected by that specific phrase ever again. The two other phrases are unrevealed as of yet, and are known only to Chase and Nico.
2007-11-10 17:36:49 BurningStarIV Bio Victor Mancha is the son of Mexican single mother Marianella Mancha, supposed widow of a US Armed Forces member who was killed in action. He is a superhero aficionado, and discovers his own electromagnetic superpowers when he is captured by the runaways. The group tells Victor he is prophecied to destroy every hero on Earth as Avengers turncoat Victorious and that his father is reportedly the "greatest evil in all the universe." After the runaways and Victor sift through possibilities like Magneto and Electro, Dr. Doom calls Victor's cell phone claiming parentage. This is soon revealed to be a front for Ultron, who proceeds to tell Victor that he is a cyborg programmed to destroy the Avengers in order to get revenge on Hank Pym, Ultron's estranged creator. Ultron kills Marianella and overrides Victor's circuits, forcing him to attack the runaways. With help from Excelsior, the runaways and Victor defeat Ultron and take Victor in. Over the next few months, Victor proves himself to the team, particularly to Chase Stein, in battle to make up for his alternate future self. He falls out of grace for a short while after Nico Minoru discovers that the second Pride has tapped into Victor's circuits and was using him to spy on the team. After the runaways' fight with the second Pride, Victor begins a physical relationship with Nico; he confesses to have initiated it because he harbors romantic feelings for her, but Nico claims to have participated as a way to escape her survivor's guilt regarding the death of Gertrude Yorkes. However, Victor still attempts a rescue when he discovers Chase has Nico hostage, but is easily shut down when Chase asks him a rhetorical question designed to overload Victor's circuits. Victor recovers with help from Molly Hayes (vicariously by Alex Wilder) and saves Nico from becoming an innocent sacrifice to the Gibborim. At this point, the pair begin a romantic relationship, but their moment of bliss is interrupted when the team is forced to run from Iron Man and the pro-registration forces of Marvel's Civil War.
2006-02-06 02:22:53 IndieRockLance New Character

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