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Crimson Cowl (03 - Justine Hammer)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2010-05-09 18:03:20 Cononach Alias --Crimson Cowl (03 - Justine Hammer) Crimson Cowl (03 - Justine Hammer)
2010-05-09 18:01:07 Cononach Last Name Hammer Hammer.
2010-05-09 18:01:07 Cononach Alias Crimson Cowl (03 - Justine Hammer) --Crimson Cowl (03 - Justine Hammer)
2007-08-08 21:15:21 misterpace Powers No known powers or abilities Teleportation, flight, and a prehensile cape.
2007-08-08 21:15:21 misterpace Bio Daughter of criminal financier Justin Hammer. Leader of the Masters of Evil (VII?) who battled the Thunderbolts. She attempted to use the Masters to accumulate physical power and influence in the world. Justine claims to be the daughter of industrialist and super villain financier Justin Hammer. Despite being the daughter of one of the richest men in the world Justine's life was not one of privilege. Justin never approved of his daughter and Justine was always trying to prove her worthiness. Justine eventually decided to follow in her fathers footsteps and use the supervillain community to accumulate power for herself. Shortly after the Avengers and the Fantastic Four seemingly died in battle with Onslaught, Justine donned the costume and name of the Crimson Cowl, an identity once used by Ultron, and like Ultron, she formed a new group of super villains called the Masters of Evil. Working for HYDRA, they hoped to win the favor of the New York crime families. All of this enraged the members of the new superhero team the Thunderbolts because they were actually another faction of the Masters of Evil led by Baron Zemo aka Citizen V. Helmut Zemo's father Heinrich was the original founder of the Masters of Evil and Helmut himself had once led the Masters in their siege on Avengers mansion. As such the legacy of the Masters was important to Helmut and it angered him to see them now reduced to being hired mercenaries. When the Thunderbolts faced the Masters of Evil in battle she and her team escaped due to the blinding flash that accompanies the Crimson Cowl's teleportation effect. When next they fought Crimson Cowl escaped again. After the Thunderbolts had turned on Zemo and Techno, they found themselves fugitives hated by heroes and villains alike. The Crimson Cowl saw this as an opportunity to induct the remaining Bolts into her Masters of Evil. She sent Cyclone to bait the Thunderbolts into walking into an ambush. After defeating the tbolts she made her proposal" Join her and enjoy all the amenities that come with being in her organization or defy her and she would tell all of the Thunderbolts enemies how to find them. The Thunderbolts were given time to think over the situation but in the end decided they would rather take down the Crimson Cowl instead. When next they fought, it looked like the Crimson Cowl had won until Hawkeye disguised as Dreadknight saved the team. Hawkeye offered to become the new Thunderbolts leader and one of his first actions as leader was to promise the media the capture of the Masters of Evil. The Masters began a plan to use a weather machine to blackmail world leaders for a billion dollars. The Cowl's numbers had grown from 6 members to 25. Realizing they were outnumbered Hawkeye decided to use Moonstone and her reputation as a traitor to infiltrate the Masters. Moonstone was tempted to side with the Masters for real but eventually decided against it and took the Cowl down instead. Moonstone unmasked the Crimson Cowl and the Thunderbolts were shocked to find the Cowl was Dallas Riordan their former liasion to the office of the New York city mayor. In reality, Dallas Riordan was actually the new Citizen V. She had been knocked unconscious when she began to interfere with the Cowl's plans for the weather machine. At the last moment Justine had teleported out of her costume and placed Dallas into it. Dallas didn't tell the Thunderbolts the truth because she was still bitter about being fired as the mayor's liasion because of the Thunderbolts deception as heroes. Eventually Dallas was rescued from jail by her team the V-Battalion. Eventually Dallas parted company with the V Battalion after they ordered her to assassinate Henry Gyrich and she refused. Dallas came back to America to get aid from the Thunderbolts. During a battle between the V Battalion and the Thunderbolts the Crimson Cowl had Dallas teleported to her hideout which was on the border of Symkaria and Latveria. Dallas was briefly held prisoner but soon escaped. She and Justine fought a long battle that ended with Dallas falling off a bridge which left her paralyzed. Eventually the Crimson Cowl created a new Masters of Evil. Hawkeye, Songbird and Plantman defeated most of them and convinced several of them that the Crimson Cowl would kill them with a bio-toxin Justine's father had surreptitiously placed in the majority of super villains he had employeed over the years. Hawkeye inducted several of these Masters into the Thunderbolts. The Crimson Cowl was eventually defeated by Skein who used her powers to deconstruct Justine's costume. Justine recently appeared in Civil War Front Line #9 as part of a crew alongside Razor Fist and Diamondhead trying escape the superhuman prison, the Raft. She teleports to the security center, knocking out both guards and releases all the prisoners. Razor Fist, holding Robbie Baldwin as a hostage/human shield, cuts Baldwin which releases his kinetic energy rendering most of the prisoners unconscious, maimed or possibly dead. Justine is found by guards to be knocked out cold.
2007-03-18 18:13:59 cook Bio Daughter of criminal financier Justin Hammer. Leader of the Masters of Evil (VII?) who battled the Thunderbolts. She attempted to use the Masters to accumulate physical power and influence in the world. Daughter of criminal financier Justin Hammer. Leader of the Masters of Evil (VII?) who battled the Thunderbolts. She attempted to use the Masters to accumulate physical power and influence in the world.
2007-01-05 12:24:58 Skyhawke Alias Crimson Cowl (III - Justine Hammer) Crimson Cowl (03 - Justine Hammer)
2006-09-23 12:14:06 ferroboy Alias Crimson Cowl Crimson Cowl (III - Justine Hammer)
2006-03-10 02:15:34 JackRabbitt New Character

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