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Aleta (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2015-11-20 08:59:44 spid Alias Aleta (Marvel)(Earth 691 - Guardians) Aleta (Marvel)
2015-11-20 05:54:15 aaronmoish Alias Aleta (Marvel) Aleta (Marvel)(Earth 691 - Guardians)
2015-11-20 05:49:40 aaronmoish Notes Aleta became the second character to hold the title Starhawk, not to be confused with the original. From Earth-691, the timeline of Killraven and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Aleta became the second character to hold the title Starhawk, not to be confused with the original.
2011-08-05 15:11:36 Cononach Alias Aleta Aleta (Marvel)
2010-01-24 06:25:58 adamjames Notes Aleta became the second character to hold the title Starhawk, not to be confused with the original.
2007-04-23 18:15:23 spid Powers Aleta can create focus photons into solid light constructs (such as battering rams, bubbles, ramps, etc.). She can fly by standing on a disc of her solid light and mentally commanding it to rise upwards. Later she was shown to create more complicated constructions and manipulate them (moving and changing size) which appeared to be a power similar to DC Universe character Green Lantern. She was able to lift things weighting up to 50 tons, as well as increased stamina, durability and agility that are common among Arcturans, When she became Starhawk, Aleta gained the ability to fly at speeds approaching that of light, was able to survive in the vacuum of space, control various forms of energy to fire concussive blasts or create protective shields, and displayed limited precognition. She is able to phase through solid matter by aligning her own molecules in a corresponding pattern to the molecules of the object she is attempting to pass through.
2007-04-23 18:15:23 spid Bio Aleta Ogord, an Arcturan, was trained to be aggressive and resented her weak and intellectual adoptive brother Stakar. When she was physically merged with Stakar, such that only one of them could exist physically at any one time, she spent much time suspended in limbo. She grew passive and, in time, fell in love with Stakar. The Hawk God allowed the two to separate for a time, and she gave birth to three children, Tara, Sita, and John. Aleta's father, Ogord, sought revenge on Starhawk for abandoning him, kidnapped his grandchildren, and turned them into psychic vampires. The children were killed, and Aleta held it against Stakar for the rest of his life, as she felt he could have prevented it. Eventually, Aleta and Starhawk were separated, and she began a relationship with Vance Astro until a dying Starhawk reabsorbed her to save his own life. For a time, the merged being existed only in Stakar's newly darkened form, even when Aleta was in control, until Aleta finally overpowered Stakar, sent him back to his infant body in the past, and assumed the mantle of Starhawk. She held the title for a brief period, until Stakar returned during a visit to another timeline, after which she gave up the title and powers of Starhawk to be rid of Stakar's influence, which had made her cold and unfeeling. Alhtough she was still in love with Vance and was engaged to marry him, the series ended leaving the future of their relationship ambiguous.
2007-04-23 18:15:23 spid Notes
2006-03-28 07:08:35 spid New Character

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