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Talon (Marvel)(Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2015-11-20 09:34:37 spid Alias Talon (Marvel)(Earth 691 - Guardians) Talon (Marvel)(Guardians Of The Galaxy)
2015-11-20 07:08:01 aaronmoish Alias Talon (Marvel)(Guardians Of The Galaxy) Talon (Marvel)(Earth 691 - Guardians)
2015-11-20 07:08:01 aaronmoish Notes From Earth-691, the timeline of Killraven and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
2014-07-16 21:34:41 spid Alias Talon (Marvel)(Earth-691 - Guardians) Talon (Marvel)(Guardians Of The Galaxy)
2013-06-04 05:33:04 aaronmoish Alias Talon (Marvel)(01 Guardians) Talon (Marvel)(Earth-691 - Guardians)
2013-03-13 15:30:18 spid Alias Talon (Marvel)(Earth-691 - Guardians) Talon (Marvel)(01 Guardians)
2012-05-07 14:31:03 aaronmoish Alias Talon (Marvel) (01-Guardians) Talon (Marvel)(Earth-691 - Guardians)
2009-03-27 13:12:48 Infernapede Alias Talon (Marvel) Talon (Marvel) (01-Guardians)
2008-02-28 15:58:59 spid Bio In one of his earliest appearances, he helps the team battle a gang of murderous criminals who take after the Punisher. One of the gang injures Major Victory with a shot to the forehead. With the assistance of Hollywood, Krugarr manages to save the Major's life. Talon personally battles the villain Rancor, later taking delight in the violence. He tries to bond with fellow teammate Yondu over the fact both are very different from the rest of the team. Talon confesses to Yondu he was unable to keep up with the demands made upon him by Krugarr and was forced to leave. In explaining why he is still friends with Krugarr, Talon states 'I may be a flake--but I'm a nice one.' Soon after this conversation, Talon joins in the effort to help stop Galactus once and for all. Around this time, Talon and the Guardians travel to the past, during the Infinity War incident. Inside Avengers Mansion, they fight an incarnation of the Masters of Evil led by Doctor Octopus. This gains the attention of the Magus, who sends evil doubles of the Guardians and the Masters, in an attempt to absorb and overwhelm everyone. The two teams work together and slay all the doubles. When Doctor Octopus urgers the Masters to again attack, they turn on him as they do not wish to harm the people who had helped them survive. Talon and the heroes are roped into cleaning up the mess made by the battle. Also, Talon and the Guardians battle the ancient villain Dormammu. The villain had slain Doctor Strange, who had taken on the role of the Ancient One/Mentor to Krugarr. The Guardians are taken into the realm of the Beyonder, a powerful other-dimensional entity. They battle the entity called 'the Protege'. Talon receives a serious spinal injury; he cannot move around very much without intense pain. Talon utilizes a device that had brought back Charlie-27 from near death. However, Talon's repaired spine brings with it new problems, an altered appereance and behaviour; he even attempts to wrest leadership from the hands of Vance. The team later comes to view Talon as a liability. They do not bother to establish contact with him before taking a trip back in time to battle the original 'Martian' invasion.
2008-02-28 15:58:59 spid Notes
2006-12-14 10:01:18 Darth Kramer Alias Talon Talon (Marvel)
2006-03-31 14:14:25 spid New Character

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