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Red Ronin (Marvel)(01 - Robot)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-03-30 01:44:30 aaronmoish Alias Red Ronin (Marvel)(01) Red Ronin (Marvel)(01 - Robot)
2011-08-30 09:02:42 spid Alias Red Ronin (01) Red Ronin (Marvel)(01)
2008-03-14 07:29:00 Darth Kramer Alias Red Ronin Red Ronin (01)
2008-03-11 12:23:26 misterpace Powers Red Ronin is over 100 ft. tall and weighs in excess of 23 tons. Red Ronin is controlled by a human operator who wears a "cybernetic helmet" and sits within its head. Red Ronin possesses immense strength and is highly durable. The robot can fly at subsonic speed using the propulsion units in its feet and is armed with a solar powered laser-blade sword and pulsating "rotary discus" shield that doubles as a laser gatling gun. The gatling gun is capable of firing blasts that generated concussive force equivalent to 100 tons of TNT. Additionally, the shield is capable of firing missiles, which Red Ronin used during its battle against Yetrigar in the Grand Canyon. The shield can also be used as a detachable thrown weapon and contains a homing device that enables it to return to the robot. Red Ronin's left hand has the ability to convert to an energy cannon that projects energy blasts. Ronin later gained the ability to detach its hands from its body and retain control of them while detached.
2008-03-11 12:23:26 misterpace Bio Red Ronin was developed with the assistance of Stark International by engineers and scientists Tamara Hashioka and Yuriko Takiguchi. It was intended to be used by S.H.I.E.L.D. against the monster Godzilla. Before it could be utilized for this purpose, the robot was stolen by Takiguchi's twelve year old grandson Rob. Originally referred to as SJ3RX, the robot was named Red Ronin by the youngster. After an initial attempt to control the robot failed, Rob succeeded in piloting Red Ronin into battle with Godzilla, in an attempt to drive the beast off. Rob wished to prevent the radioactive creature from being harmed and his attempts to ward the monster off were designed to actually preserve his life. He succeeded in doing so and it was discovered that Ronin had been imprinted with Rob's brain patterns, making the robot useless without him to pilot it. Rob used Ronin a few more times, aiding Godzilla in battles against creatures such as Yetrigar, Krollar, Rhian, and Triax. During one such battle, Rhian decapitated Ronin, leaving the robot inactive. S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually rebuilt the robot with the aid of Stark technicians. One such technician, Earl Cowan, altered the robot so it would only respond to his brain patterns, similarly to how it had previously been linked to Rob Takaguchi. Cowan intended to use Ronin to orchestrate a series of events that would set off World War III. Fortunately, Cowan was completely ignorant of the shortest aerial route to the USSR and went eastward instead of going north and passed over New York City. This allowed the Avengers to intercept and defeat Red Ronin, and the robot's remains were carried off by S.H.I.E.L.D. Stane International eventually gained possession of the remains. A scientist named Karaguchi Inoyawa rebuilt the robot, hoping to use it as a force for good. The robot was displayed by Stane at a trade show at the Pontiac Silverdome. While there it was commandeered by vengeful ex-Stane employee Joe Kilman who caused it to go on a rampage. This time Inoyawa guided the Wasp in deactivating Ronin. Ronin eventually wound up in the hands of Fujikawa Electronics. It was altered to look even more like a samurai in appearance. Numerous military and criminal organizations such as the Hand attempted to gain possession of the mechanoid, but were foiled by Wolverine and Sunfire. When Red Ronin next appeared, it was used by Henry Peter Gyrich to lure the Avengers into a battle with the Thunderbolts. At some point before this time, the robot's appearance had been restored to its original form. Red Ronin has since "joined" the Thunderbolts during the Civil War series. Tony Stark mentioned in the "Civil War Files" one-shot working on that version and that the Fixer is likely all over it, though he was never seen in any battles during the event. Some time prior to this, it also clashed with the Inhumans and the Sentry as revealed in a flashback in New Avengers #24.
2006-05-23 11:13:04 ricky7d New Character

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