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Champion (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2007-03-07 14:15:38 IndieRockLance Alias Champion (Marvel) Champion (Marvel)
2007-01-25 01:06:05 Merrik Powers Tryco possesses the 'Power Primordial' like the other Elders, but he seems to have focused solely on his physical attributes. He is very strong (He has destroyed a planet with a single punch) and invulnerable. His abilities are further augmented by the Power Gem. Death has cursed Tryco as well as the other Elders with immortality.
2007-01-25 01:06:05 Merrik Bio Tryco Slatterus is one of the Elders of the Universe. He is an immortal who keeps himself busy by fighting assorted superpowered beings, including the Thing, the Hulk, Colossus, Thor, and Drax the Destroyer. Although he wishes to prove himself the greatest warrior in the universe, he does so fairly. During a battle with the Thing, the Champion had beaten him within an inch of his life, but The Thing would not submit and, as a result, the Champion submitted, realizing he would have to kill the Thing in order to win. The Champion later came into possession of the Power Gem (one of the Infinity Gems); Thanos tricked the Champion into giving him the gem. Champion later attempted to gain revenge on Thanos but was harmlessly teleported away. Tryco and The Elders plotted to kill Galactus. They were unsuccessful, defeated and consumed by Galactus, they survived Galactus's consumption of them due to Death's curse. Champion eventually regained the Power Gem and set up on a planet that had rules similar to his. Hercules, Gladiator, Drax and others were unsuccessful in attempts to depose him. Adam Warlock was disqualified for using the Soul Gem, and sent Pip to find others. She-Hulk underwent extensive training with Gamora. She argued that under the rules Champion should not be using the Power Gem. Champion agreed, having easily defeated her earlier. He was shocked as She Hulk was able to beat him. Angrily, he met with her old enemy Titania, but she stole the Power Gem after he agreed to train her.
2006-09-22 20:55:50 ferroboy Alias Champion (Marvel) Champion (Marvel)

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