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Man-Bull (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2014-11-20 01:56:59 crimson78 Alias Man-Bull Man-Bull (Marvel)
2008-02-24 14:11:07 misterpace First Name William
2008-02-24 14:11:07 misterpace Powers Man-Bull possesses superhuman strength, primarily in his upper torso and back, resulting from a twenty-fold increase in the efficiency of his muscles, skeleton, and overall endurance. His improved reflexes have offset the increase in muscle density and his reaction time remains about the same as when human. His skin has become tougher, callus-like so that most of his body's exposed skin areas can resist the penetration of small-caliber bullets. He can lift (press) about 2800 pounds repeatedly for about an hour before tiring, and his peak strength appears to vary from Class 10 to Class 50. He possesses dense horns, one growing from each side of his forehead, and eventually developed a bull-like tail. He also has a large build-up of muscle in his upper back and possibly some spinal deformity (kyphosis), resulting in an almost hunchback appearance. His charging posture is particularly devastating to modern building materials. He is able to run through cinderblock, wood paneling, and compound materials such as steel-reinforced concrete without injury. Man-Bull's psyche was deleteriously altered, aggravating his normally hostile mentality. When engaged in combat, his body's adrenalin reaction can elevate him into hysterical, all-consuming rage, making him extraordinarily dangerous. More recently, Man-Bull has undergone even further degeneration, resulting in increased strength and durability (sufficient to combat the gray Hulk), at the cost of further decreasing his intellect. When last seen, the Man-Bull was no longer able to speak. In the past he has used a serum to transfer between human and Man-Bull forms, but this no longer seems to be the case. There is some evidence that at least on one occasion he might have been able to influence the activities of real bulls (actually steers), though it may be that he just used instinct to manipulate the herd mentality.
2008-02-24 14:11:07 misterpace Bio William "Bill" Taurens was born in Camden, New Jersey. He was hired by Mister Kline to round up people to test an experimental serum (taken from bulls) made by his agent, The Professor. Although assisted by Itch and Freak Face his attempts were thwarted by Daredevil. As a result Bill ended up being a guinea pig for the serum which turned him in to humanoid bull, thus, Man-Bull was born. With his new powers, Man-Bull attempted to take his revenge on Daredevil and the two have clashed on several different occasions. He also clashed with the Avenger Tigra in a bar fight. Man-Bull was later recruited by Melter and Whiplash to join the Death Squad where they ran afoul of Iron Man at a convention. Man-Bull eventually began to turn savage; he lost the power of speech, sprouted a tail, and grew more inhuman. In this state he was encountered by the Grey Hulk. As Man-Bull continued to deteriorate, he was recruited by the Wizard to join his Frightful Four alongside himself, Trapster, and Dreadknight. They attacked a rodeo arena and ran afoul of Spider-Man and Turbine. Man-Bull later regained the power of speech somehow and joined Armadillo, Equinox, Chip Martin, and Jackson Wheele at a Villains Anonymous meeting. Man-Bull later joined the Constrictor, Tombstone, Warhawk, and a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, in raiding an AIM facility which was working on a Null android from technology stolen from Reed Richards. Later returning to villainy and now sprouting green-hair, he returned to New York City and fought The Thing. When Al Kraven, the son of Kraven the Hunter began collecting a zoo of animal themed superhumans a Man-Bull is clearly seen in one of the cages. He was leater battled Grizzly, who knocked him out and snapped off his left horn.

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