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Doc Samson (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-03-07 04:30:09 aaronmoish Alias Doc Samson Doc Samson (Marvel)
2007-09-14 19:03:48 misterpace Powers Doc Samson possesses superhuman physical abilities as a result of exposure to high levels of gamma radiation. Doc Samson's exposure to gamma radiation was much less than that of the Hulk, Abomination, and She-Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, Samson's strength does not increase as he becomes enraged. Instead, like the Biblical Samson, his strength is dependent upon the length of his hair, though this is no longer the case. Samson's leg muscles are highly developed and extremely powerful. He is capable of leaping hundreds of feet both vertically and horizontally. Samson's body has been fortified, granted vastly greater muscular size and development due to his exposure to radiation. The tissues of Samson's body are considerably harder than those of an ordinary human, giving him superhuman durability. Samson can withstand falls from great heights, temperature extremes of hot and cold, and high-caliber bullets without sustaining injury. Due to his highly advanced musculature, Samson possesses superhuman stamina in all physical activities. He was once able to beat The Hulk into unconsciousness in a one-on-one fight, a feat he put down to not letting the Hulk catch a breath during the entire, relentless pounding. Like others who have gamma induced powers, Doc Samson is immune to terrestrial diseases. Unlike the Hulk, Doc Samson does not suffer from multiple personality disorder, and so retains his genius intellect. He has recently conducted research on gamma beings like himself and has come to the conclusion that his form is based on a subconscious love of superheroes, though She Hulk does not want to talk to him about her own form. He is also an accomplished fighter, enabling him to recurrently hold his own against the rampaging or mindless incarnations of the Hulk or, on one occasion, briefly against Iron Man, Wonder Man, Sub-Mariner, and Hercules together. He sometimes uses psychology as a tool to get through a more powerful opponent's guard, such as an Infinity Gem-empowered Titania.
2007-09-14 19:03:48 misterpace Bio Leonard Samson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After Robert Bruce Banner was temporarily cured of being the Hulk, Samson—who had been working on Banner/Hulk in his job as a psychiatrist—exposed himself to some of the siphoned radiation, causing his hair to become green and granting him superhuman strength proportionate to its length, reminiscent of his biblical namesake. His power level has since stabilized to the point that it doesn't matter how long his hair is. Shortly afterward, his flirting with Betty Ross caused Banner to re-expose himself to radiation, becoming the Hulk once more to beat up Samson. Feeling guilty about this, Samson would spend much time working with Banner over the years, eventually realizing that he was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. To "cure" this, he hypnotized Banner with the Ringmaster's help and successfully began the process of integrating their personalities. This ended up beyond his control, however, leading to a somewhat unstable merger which eventually fragmented once more into a third personality, albeit a more benign one than the previous Hulks. With a patch on his eye, Doc Samson was also a part of Bruce Jones' run on the Hulk, with one of the main characters Jones introduced supposed to be his ex-wife In addition to the Hulk, his most prominent patient, Samson has also spent time in a professional capacity with the second X-Factor, the Molecule Man, She-Hulk, and The Punisher among others. Befriended by Dr Strange's new pupil Jack Holoyak, Doc Samson helped his friends' daughter Tina Punnett rescue her new age hippie parents from dealing with a ghost of musician Cam Larson guarded by Living Totem. Searching for his friend Sam Laroquette Doc Samson along with Living Totem, Tina and Jack arrives at new age cultist doctor Arick Schnellageister's farm where they all fight Stephen King-inspired nightmarish Weed. The third issue was written by Jay Faerber and it shows Samson helps the new Scorpion come clean after being implied to have killed SHIELD agents. The final two-parter was a storyline involving Nightmare from a different dimension sending the alternate Doc Samson to help him invade the regular 616 Marvel Universe. Those last two issues had Frank Rocketo Espinoza's short Living Totem stories as back up He reappeared and has also treated Rachel Grey. He discussed with Valerie Cooper, regarding her and the O*N*E* organization taping his session with Rachel, even though he asked her not to. Samson is currently seen as part of Iron Man pro side in Civil War. When last seen, he was giving the each member of the X-Factor Investigations a session after a particularly troubling mission. He is paying particular attention to the team's leader, Jamie Madrox.
2006-01-08 06:41:52 PGYEATES First Name Leonard

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