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Beef (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2014-01-18 13:47:41 crimson78 Alias Beef Beef (Marvel)
2007-07-29 17:27:37 misterpace First Name Buford
2007-07-29 17:27:37 misterpace Last Name Wilson
2007-07-29 17:27:37 misterpace Powers Augmented muscle mass that grants him superhuman size, strength, endurance, and durability. Beef's abilities include super strength and stamina, however it is assumed that he did not have the durability of most individuals with super strength, as his death was caused by a fall that others might have survived.
2007-07-29 17:27:37 misterpace Bio Beef was recruited to the Hellfire Club's junior team of mutants by the villainous White Queen. After suffering the loss of the second Thunderbird, Beef was picked up as the Hellions new powerhouse. His first mission, and the only one he appeared as part of, required the Hellions to fight the New Warriors to vie for the membership of Firestar. During the initial stages of the fight, Beef was fully willing to kill Silhouette and Tai, though the latter was most likely immune to any efforts he would have made. Beef fell short of the mark placed on him when he was beaten by the New Warrior Namorita. Soon after, Emma throws a party which the Hellions, as well as the X-Men Gold team, attended. It was there that Trevor Fitzroy—a member of the villainous group known as the Upstarts—crashed the party with the goal of killing Emma in order to gain points within the group. The Hellions were mere formalities: Beef was killed in the initial onslaught, sent crashing through the penthouse window to die on the streets below. The rest of his teammates were drained of their life energies in order to fuel Fitzroy's teleportation portal in Uncanny X-Men #281-282 (1991). Beef makes a postmortem appearance in the 1997 Annual of Generation X. However, this was just a trick played by the demon D'Spayre to agitate Emma Frost.
2007-01-07 01:09:22 Merrik Powers Augmented muscle mass that grants him superhuman size, strength, endurance, and durability.
2006-08-22 19:58:59 TR Naus New Character

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