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Earthmover (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2014-11-01 01:28:16 MedievalRoadie Alias Earthmover Earthmover (Marvel)
2012-02-03 00:40:20 rwe1138 Notes First appeared as Chuck Moss in Wolverine #179, and as Earthmover in Uncanny X-Men #421.
2007-08-14 11:39:39 misterpace Bio Alpha Flight trainee, mystic powers, studying under Shaman. Chuck Moss is a powerful mystic. The natural equivalent to what Professor Xavier refers to as an Omega mutant. If not properly trained, he could become very dangerous. Even the Demon Shaman took steps to try to gain control of him, as he felt with Earthmover under his power, he could return to Earth as a God. Thankfully Shaman defeated him before Earthmover arrived at the Alpha Flight Compound to begin his training. He is a very skilled hockey player, and was planning to play pro-hockey with the Edmonton Oilers until he accepted his training. Since he was a child, Shaman has told him this is a supernatural world, and he was nominated by his father to receive this training due to tribal obligations. However, it's Charles choice to live in this strange world. He accepts it, not as a burden but as a gift. Shaman then left Earthmover to be trained in the way of the warrior by Wolverine. Wolverine began to teach him Bushido, the way of the warrior and taught him many skills from sensing his surroundings, to no self-doubt and the art of hunting. As his skills progressed to a higher level, he was instructed to enter a cave with his hand buried in the ground to discover his totem. Shortly upon entering the cave, he senses he isn't alone and sees multiple giant spirit bears with him and they attack. When dawn arrives he is awakened by Wolverine, who instructs him to remove his hand to see his totem. It's the worm totem, which means he is an Earthmover. As Wolverine departs leaving Earthmover to ponder his totem, Wolverine goes to retry touching the Elk that got away the first time he had attempted to sneak up on it. He notices that Earthmover is already standing beside the Elk with his hand placed on it. Wolverine smiles knowing the training by him is complete. Recentlly when he, along with the rest of Alpha Flight investigated a potential Plodex attack, they were all captured except for Sasquatch. Sasquatch led an All New, All Different Alpha Flight strike force he had assembled and freed his companions. The newly freed Alphans decided to transport the Plodex eggs back to the Plodex home world to give them a chance to build a fresh civilization. He along with the rest of the team returned home, but Earthmover's current whereabouts are unknown.
2007-02-25 22:01:40 jrx Powers Vast innate magical abilities Vast innate magical abilities, manipulate the Earth.
2007-02-25 22:01:40 jrx Bio Alpha Flight trainee, mystic powers, studying under Shaman.
2006-09-11 17:45:30 ferroboy New Character

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