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Ringer (Marvel)(01 - Anthony Davis)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-08-24 07:01:39 spid Alias Ringer (01 - Anthony Davis) Ringer (Marvel)(01 - Anthony Davis)
2008-03-11 13:33:49 misterpace Bio A former engineer for NASA, criminal Anthony Davis grew jealous of the wealthy Kyle Richmond. Designing a suit of battle armor that would be constructed by the Tinkerer, Davis, calling himself the Ringer, broke into one of Richmond's buildings to rob it. Richmond confronted the Ringer in his guise of Nighthawk II, breaking several of Davis's teeth in the process. Davis was arrested and jailed, where it took a prison dentist several weeks to rebuild his broken teeth. Humiliated by his defeat at Nighthawk's hands, Davis decided he was not cut out for a life of crime. He had previously designed an improved version of his old battlesuit, which remained in the Tinkerer's warehouse, which he planned to rent out to various criminal contacts as part of a get-rich-quick scheme. As Davis tested the suit, the Beetle broke into the shop to retrieve his own equipment. Easily subduing the Ringer, the Beetle brought him back to his hideout, where he forced Davis to wear the suit to battle Spider-Man, tricking him into thinking a new Ring the Beetle had added to the suit would explode if the Ringer did not obey. the Ringer teamed up with Coachwhip and Killer Shrike to attack the Moon Knight during the Acts of Vengeance, but he was defeated quickly. The Ringer, deathly afraid of battling another superhero, was dealt a humiliating defeat by Spider-Man, who broke his repaired dental work and left him webbed for the police. Upon his release from prison, the Ringer avoided New York City and its super heroes and operated as a costumed criminal primarily in the Midwest, sinking into petty crime and being viewed as a loser in the supervillain community. On a visit to the Bar With No Name in Medina County, Ohio, one of a number of similar secret meeting places for costumed criminals, the Ringer was contacted by Gary Gilbert, who was formerly the costumed terrorist called Firebrand. Gilbert invited the Ringer to attend a meeting at the bar to discuss strategies for dealing with Scourge, the mysterious vigilante who had murdered a large number of costumed criminals. The Ringer came to the meeting, but, unfortunately for him, so did Scourge, disguised as the bartender. Scourge slaughtered the Ringer and all the other criminals who were present. Upon hearing of his supposed death, the Ringer's wife Leila Davis became a criminal herself, plotting to get revenge on the Beetle, who she blamed for her husband's humiliation, although she was thwarted by Spider-Man. When she joined a group of other villains in attempting to kill the wall-crawler, she was saved during the battle by her husband, who appeared as the cyborg Strikeback. Davis revealed that he had not actually died in the Scourge's massacre, but was barely alive when AIM agents investigated the murder, seeking information on the technology used by the dead criminals. AIM created a new cyborg body for him, and he worked for the organization for some time before striking out on his own. As Strikeback, Davis was a much more skilled fighter than he was as the Ringer, defeating Boomerang, Swarm, the Vulture and Stegron. However, the dinosaur man badly damaged Strikeback's cybernetic systems during the battle, which caused them to slowly break down. During this time, he enjoyed a happy, if brief, retirement with Leila before dying. Leila herself would later perish in battle with the villain Graviton.
2007-01-18 12:44:20 Skyhawke Alias Ringer (I - Anthony Davis) Ringer (01 - Anthony Davis)
2006-12-03 22:41:49 pantsthemonkey Alias Ringer I (Anthony Davis) Ringer (I - Anthony Davis)
2006-12-03 22:19:46 pantsthemonkey First Name Anthny Anthony
2006-12-03 22:18:18 pantsthemonkey New Character

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