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Flashback (Marvel)

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2009-12-18 15:42:29 Cononach Alias Flashback (Marvel) Flashback (Marvel)
2008-01-13 19:50:36 misterpace Powers He was a mutant with the psionic ability to cause temporal counterparts of himself from alternate future timelines to appear in the present and to control them. Each duplicate appeared in a reverse-colour version of the original Flashback's costume. These counterparts vanished whenever Flashback was rendered unconscious.
2008-01-13 19:50:36 misterpace Bio Gardner Monroe was born in Manitoba Province, Canada. Flashback was once a member of Beta Flight who was then recruited by Jerry Jaxon into Omega Flight, a team put together to gain revenge on James MacDonald Hudson, Alpha Flight. During Alpha Flight's second encounter with Omega Flight, one of Flashback's duplicates was killed by Box I after Delphine Courtney used it as a shield against the attack. Upon the realization that his duplicate's death would mean his death in the future Flashback was eventually imprisoned. Some years later Alpha Flight was informed that Flashback had disappeared from prison. Alpha Flight took this to mean that Flashback's past had finally caught up with him. This was not to be, as years later Flachback resurfaced. Having sworn off his powers, he tried to destroy his costume, reasoning that if he didn't have his costume he couldn't be sent back to his death. Then one morning Flashback woke up to discover his costume hanging in the bathroom. This version however had the same design as the ones worn by his duplicates. Flashback soon discovered that what ever he did he kept on finding himself in the duplicate suit. In desperation Flashback contacted Sasquatch and his Alpha Flight team and convinced them to help him. The Alpha Flight member Nemesis came to the conclusion that she would have to kill him with her enchanted blade in order to stop him from dying in the future. After much trial and error Alpha Flight managed to keep Flashback from being sent to the past.
2006-12-17 17:31:57 pantsthemonkey New Character

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