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Sun Girl (Marvel)(02 - Selah Burke) - New Warriors (2014)
Real Name: Selah Burke

Issue   Title   Cover Date
  New Warriors
  April 2014
  The High Evolutionary is Back and He's Attacking People With Powers
  May 2014
  The High Evolutionary Has Kidnapped Nova and the Celestials are Returning to Judge Humanity
  June 2014
  The High Evolutionary Wants to Save Humanity From the Celestials …By Purifying the Gene Pool and Attacking People With Powers
  July 2014
  The New Warriors Defeated the High Evolutionary …But the Celestials Are Still Coming to Judge Humanity.
  August 2014
  The New Warriors Infiltrated Mount Wundagore …And Accidentally Transported It to the New York Harbor.
  August 2014
  The Inhumans Paid Haechi A Visit - And now his whole family is in danger.
  September 2014
  Haechi Has Been Kidnapped ...and it's up to the New Warriors to get him back.
  October 2014
  The New Warriors Survived Their Run-In with the Inhumans it's time to try to get them home.
  November 2014
  The Warriors Defeated the High Evolutionary ...but The Eternals are still watching Earth.
  November 2014
  The Eternals and the New Warriors Threw Down - Mr. Whiskers Had To Sacrifice Himself -- The Warriors Are Down, But Not Out.
  December 2014
  The Eternals Pummeled the New Warriors - And Justice was punched to the far side of the world.
  January 2015

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