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    Hank P. Chapman
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Chapman's earliest known credit is as one of the many Golden Age of comic books professionals who contributed to the epic crossover battle between the Sub-Mariner and the original Human Torch in Marvel Mystery Comics #8-10, plus an additional story in The Human Torch #5b. His precise contributions are as lost to history as those of other writers and artists who legendarily jammed on this hastily created confrontation.

By the following decade, Chapman was one of at least five staff writers (officially titled editors) under editor-in-chief Stan Lee at Marvel forerunner Atlas, along with Ernie Hart, Paul S. Newman, Don Rico, Carl Wessler, and, on teen-humor comics, future Mad Magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee.

Chapman's last known Atlas works were in comics cover-dated May 1954. His next known credit is a story in the DC anthology title All-American Men of War #18 (Feb. 1955), followed by four years without recorded credits until his name surfaced in two June 1959 DC titles, G.I. Combat #73 and Our Fighting Forces #46. These would be the first of at least 105 war stories he would write in those comics along with Our Army at War, Sea Devils, Capt. Storm, and Star Spangled War Stories.

His and artist Jack Abel's character Sgt. Mule whose name, "Millie", suggested she was actually not a mule (male) but a hinny (female) appeared with various keepers including Private Mulvaney (Our Army at War #149 & 160, Star Spangled War Stories #136); Private Skinner (G.I. Combat #104); and Private Smith (Our Army At War #117).

Chapman's last recorded credit is the story "Paper Bullets", with artist Abel, in Our Army At War #181.

Date of Birth:

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Adventures into Terror (1950)
Adventures into Weird Worlds (1952)
All True Crime Cases (1948)
All-American Men of War (1952)
Amazing Detective Cases (1950)
Arizona Kid (1951)
Astonishing (1951)
Battle (1951)
Battle Action (1952)
Battle Brady (1953)
Battlefield (1952)
Battlefront (1952)
Capt. Storm (1964)
Combat (1952)
Combat Casey (1953)
Combat Kelly (1951)
Crime Exposed (1950)
Crime Must Lose! (1950)
Crypt of Shadows (1973)
DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams (2009)
Dead of Night (1973)
G.I. Combat (1952)
G.I. War Tales (1973)
Girl Comics (1949)
Journey Into Unknown Worlds (1950)
Justice (1947)
Kent Blake of the Secret Service (1951)
Love Romances (1949)
Love Tales (1949)
Lovers (1949)
Man Comics (1949)
Marvel Boy (1950)
Marvel Tales (1949)
Men in Action (1952)
Men In Combat (1982)
Men's Adventures (1950)
Monsters on the Prowl (1971)
Mystery Tales (1952)
Mystic (1951)
Our Army at War (1952)
Our Fighting Forces (1954)
Red Warrior (1951)
Sea Devils (1961)
Showcase Presents: Sea Devils (2012)
Spellbound (1952)
Sports Action (1950)
Spy Cases (1950)
Star Spangled War Stories (1952)
Strange Tales (1951)
Suspense (1949)
Texas Kid (1951)
True Secrets (1950)
Uncanny Tales (1952)
War Action (1952)
War Adventures (1952)
War Combat (1952)
War Comics (1950)
Young Men (1950)

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