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    Gabriel A. Eltaeb
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My name is Gabriel Eltaeb. My Friends call me Gabe. I was born on Monday July 24th 1978 in Greeley, CO.

I moved to San Diego California wen I was 8. I Grew up in Socal going to the beach and enjoying the Fish Tacos.

I always loved comicbooks growing up, but I couldn't afford them until I was about 13 and had a part time job mowing lawns for my Cousin Tim's Lawn Service "Grass Choppers."

In high school (Rancho Bernardo High School 1992-1996 home of the 1994 and 1996 CIF Varsity Football champions!) I lived for two things: Football and Comic books. I am a big guy- 6-5 275 lbs but I really didn't fit the stereotype of "Jock." I was pretty good at football and I loved weight lifting, but nothing could compare with my love of Comics and drawing.

When I was about 17 (1996)there was a rumor that a Professional Comicbook artist lived in my neighborhood. I could never find out where he lived but I always wondered. Some other kids knew who who he was and pointed him out to me but I was too afraid to talk to him. A few days or weeks later (I forget) I was playing basketball with my Girlfriend (now wife of Ten Years) and I told her who he was. She went up to him and told him I liked his work and wanted to talk to him about doing comics professionally.

It was Scott Clark. He Worked at Wildstorm Which just happened to be headed up by my Favorite Artist Jim Lee. Scott let me come over and take drawing lessons from him. Until he moved away.

Date of Birth: July 24th 1978
Birthplace: Greeley, CO

E-mail: gabeeltaeb(a)

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Star Wars (2013)
Stormwatch (2011)
Suicide Squad (2011)
Transformers: Beast Wars Sourcebook (2007)
War Mother (2017)
Worlds' Finest (2012)
X-O Manowar (2017)

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