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    Michael Lawrence Fleisher
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Michael "Mike" Fleisher (Born November 1) is an American comic book writer. He came to the attention of Joe Orlando whilst working on comic book encyclopedias and subsequently got solid work throughout the seventies and eighties. After a failed lawsuit he worked for 2000 AD for a number of years in the early nineties before largely leaving the industry.

He is probably best known for writing DC's Jonah Hex character for more than a dozen years (although a brief run for the same company of The Spectre in Adventure Comics has quite a reputation) - first beginning in 1974 in Weird Western Tales (taking over from the character's creator, John Albano), then from 1977-1985 in his own, self-titled comic, with a series set in the character's original wild west setting and then in the Hex series (1985-1987) which transported the character into a post-World War III setting, making him the lead in a sci-fi feature, following the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series.

Harlan Ellison, in a 1979 Comics Journal interview, described Fleisher and his comics work using emphatic terms such as "crazy", "certifiable", "twisted", "derange-o", "bugfuck", and "lunatic". Opinions varied as to whether Ellison's comments were entirely unflattering. For years Ellison and his friend Isaac Asimov had been comedically abusing each other in print and public in a similar style. Thick-skinned readers interpreted the comments as rhetorical backwards compliments and affectionately begrudging curses of Fleisher's singular talent for the macabre, similar to comments at a roast.

But a "devastated and appalled" Fleisher believed Ellison had been recklessly and falsely implying Fleisher himself was insane.

Fleisher sued Ellison, The Comics Journal, and interviewer Gary Groth, for libel, asking $2,000,000 in damages; the case came to court in 1986, and Fleisher lost.

Date of Birth: October 31, 1942
Date of death: February 2, 2018

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1984 (1978)
1st Issue Special (1975)
2000 A.D. Presents: War Machine (2013)
2000 A.D. Showcase (2nd Series) (1992)
2000 AD (1977)
Action Comics (1938)
Action Force (1987)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1988)
Adventure Comics (1938)
All American Comics (1989)
All-New Collectors' Edition (1978)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
Amazing World of DC Comics (1974)
Batman (1940)
Batman [ITA] (1976)
Batman [NL] (1980)
Batman Monthly (1988)
Batman Poche (1976)
Batman Superband (1974)
Batman-Sonderausgabe (1981)
Batman-spesiaali (1989)
Best Comics (1992)
The Best of DC (1979)
Blue Devil (1984)
The Brave and the Bold (1955)
The Brute (1975)
The Brute (1976)
Cancelled Comic Cavalcade (1978)
Capitán América (1985)
Captain America (1968)
The Chronicles of Conan (2003)
The Comics Journal (1977)
Conan (1984)
Conan (1989)
Conan de Barbaar Special (1985)
Conan der Barbar (1982)
Conan el Bárbaro (1983)
Conan Extra (1988)
Conan il Barbaro (1986)
Conan Le Barbare (1972)
Conan the Barbarian (1970)
Conan the Barbarian Movie Special (1982)
Conan the Destroyer (1985)
The Creeper by Steve Ditko (2010)
Creepy (1964)
Daredevil (1964)
DC Special Series (1977)
DC Spotlight (1985)
Detective Comics (1937)
Die Spinne Comic-Taschenbuch (1979)
Dungeons & Dragons 100-Page Spectacular (2012)
Dungeons & Dragons Classics (2011)
Elson's Presents Super Heroes Comics (1981)
Elvira's House of Mystery (1986)
The Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes Vol. 1 Batman (1976)
Essential Man-Thing (2006)
Essential Spider-Man (1996)
Essential Spider-Woman (2005)
Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion (1972)
G.I. Joe Special Missions (1986)
G.I. Joe Speciale Opdracht (1987)
Ghost Rider (1973)
Ghost Rider Team-Up (2007)
The Great Superman Book (1978)
Green Lantern (1960)
The Grim Ghost (1975)
Harlem Heroes (1992)
Haywire (1988)
Heroes Against Hunger (1986)
Hex (1985)
House of Mystery (1951)
House of Secrets (1956)
Ironjaw (1975)
The Jack Kirby Omnibus (2011)
Jonah Hex (1977)
Jonah Hex (1979)
Jonah Hex [FIN] (2007)
Jonah Hex And Other Western Tales (1979)
Jonah Hex: Welcome to Paradise (2010)
Judge Dredd Megazine (vol. 5) (2003)
Junker (1993)
Justice League of America (1960)
The Kamandi Challenge (2017)
La Espada Salvaje de Conan (1982)
Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo (2012)
Little Shop of Horrors (1987)
Man-Thing (1979)
Man-Thing Omnibus (2012)
Marvel (1986)
Marvel Collection (1991)
Marvel Comics Illustrated/Marvel Illustrated Books (1970)
Marvel Comics Super Special (1977)
Marvel Fanfare (1982)
Marvel Special (1981)
Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko (2005)
MASK (1985)
MASK (1986)
MASK (1987)
MASK Comic-Magazin (1987)
Morlock 2001 (1975)
Novelas Gráficas Marvel Especial (1983)
The Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes (2007)
The Phantom Stranger (1969)
Power Lords (1983)
Rogue Trooper: The Final Warrior (1995)
Rogue Trooper: The War Machine (2013)
The Sandman (1974)
The Savage Sword of Conan (1974)
The Savage Sword of Conan (2007)
Secret Origins (1986)
Secrets of Haunted House (1975)
Secrets of Sinister House (1972)
Shade, the Changing Man (1977)
The Sinister House of Secret Love (1971)
Spider-Woman (1978)
Spider-Woman - La mujer Araña (1978)
Spiderwoman (1982)
Spiral Zone (1988)
Star Trek (1980)
Star Trek (1984)
Star Wars (1977)
Star Wars Classics (2008)
Star Wars Monthly (UK) (1982)
Star Wars Special (1984)
Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus (2015)
Steve Ditko Omnibus (2011)
Superman (1939)
Tales of the Batman: Don Newton (2011)
Tales of the Legion (1984)
Time Warp (1979)
The Unexpected (1968)
Vampirella (1969)
The Warlord (1976)
Weird Mystery Tales (1972)
Weird Mystery Tales Annual (1975)
Weird Suspense (1975)
Weird War Tales (1971)
Weird Western Tales (1972)
Welcome Back to the House of Mystery (1998)
Werewolf By Night: The Complete Collection (2017)
What If? (1977)
World's Finest Comics (1941)
Wrath of the Spectre (1988)

Hex (1985)
Jonah Hex (1977)
Limited Collectors' Edition (1973)
Weird Western Tales (1972)

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